Gosh--- Eskimos lose to Hamilton?? Help!

Wow- Esks lose , sorry get massacred in Hamilton. What is wrong with Edmonton. Are they falling apart? Who would have guessed this. Well done Danny Mac. This is the shocker of the season. Something is terribly wrong in Edmonchuck!!

CFL rules

Oh the Rider's have that dumb grin on there faces again..
Way to go Esk's, your the cause of it..
Jason maas not good enoygh for ya ..eH...
help....and dig in boy's..the Priders will be gobbling...

Where are all the Esks fans now? They were all high and mighty after defeating the Lions but no where to be found now.

I really dont sense a Harmonious crew....Could it be Gopher cheeks coaching? Hard to say.. with Edm's payroll and talent they should be destroying everyone.

Shocking upset of Edmonton is as surprising as the Toronto-Hamilton game. Inconsistent Edmonton can be either hot or cold at any time. One week, winner against the best team. Next week, embarassing loser against the worst team. The real Edmonton team is 8-6 with Calgary and Saskatchewan very close behind.

Don't get too excited rider fans, i think the Lions are just waiting to destroy someone.

We are still here. Still also wondering when Macocia is finally going to realize that he needs to overhaul the o-line.

It's only about 2 hours after the game. Most people are listening to post game shows, stuff like that.

The fact is..

-Ricky Ray constantly was getting hit


  • Edmonton didn't match Hamilton's intensity. And it's sad. Real sad.

coulda and shoulda locked up second in the west tonite, but let it slip away....i think calgary will take it now.
calgary still has winnipeg and hamilton ( which might not be a gimme anymore )

Both teams are playing for employment...when it hits at home,it hits the hardest, They are both rotten and out for blood...

EDMONTON , could bonce back vs. the ARGOS on THANKS GIVING at the R.C. :shock: :wink: :lol: :smiley:

What the hell happened? From what I saw Hamilton played a good game but we were TERRIBLE. I can't fricking believe it. Hey boys maybe we should wake up because we have to play to our potential every week. I just can't believe it.

EH, I believe everyone is in a state of shock! Last week they played pretty good ball this week they should have just stayed home. To me it looked like this football team was not prepared for this game. Did they take the Cats lightly. I believe this is a coaching problem if you want my opinion. This is a talent laden team so it has to be the coaches that prepare them for the game and that does not look like it had been done.

This was not the Same Eskimo team I watched at Commonwealth last week. I go back to my earlier post before the season started....Beware Edmonton fans...You have Lancaster Jr! His record is speaking!

Edmonton has far too much talent to come up short against a struggling Hamilton team. Kudos to Hamilton for capitalizing on an disinterested Edmonton Team.

The Edmonton posters should be screaming for heads!

I think the key player of the game for hamilton was that new hill guy who returned for the TD. Ricky Ray wasn't looking too well today, i saw him throw alot of his passes a bit too high, and he fumbled once.

Edmonton is not as a good a team as they were in recent years, no one expected them to even be close to the Lions or Riders this year so this isn't surprising at all to se them get blown out by Hamilton. Be thankful they are doing as good as they are actually.

I disagree with you UnrealRiders, i think with all the talented players on the eskimo team this year, we should be winning more games than we have. I think our main problem is coaching, and hopefully we'll have someone new coaching this team next year. With the esks playing this incosistenly i see them finishing 9-9, or 10-8 at the best.