Gore, Elimimian & Olafioye will try for NFL in 2013

We'll see on Gore with whomever will surround him, and I have to wonder if Emmanuel Arceneaux wants to go back to BC too. Sometimes also when the receiving corps is deep enough to spread the ball around, when a guy becomes the new #1 or #2 and is left solo he can't get open either because the defences can focus on him for coverage.

Also many NFL teams carry 6 wide receivers on game day such that one doubles as a gunner and/or kick and/or punt returner.

Yea I said 5 but some do carry 6 depending on th return situation. As for Arceneaux spent most of his time on practice rosters he may be out of PR eligibilty. Thats what happen to Giguere. Giguere spent the max time possible on a practice roster dressing in only one game. In 2011 when he was released at training camp he waited and never got a call. Burris is said to have talked him to coming to Hamilton but im not sure he had much of a choice.
One thing all three have going for them is that they have pro starting experience playing a pro schedule 18 games plus playoffs and come at a rookie salary 390K and are all hitting there prime. Also being free agents and not part of the old option year rule they can wait through the first part of the season if they are released as teams shuffle there rosters. If they do need to return to the CFL in 2014 they will be coming back to a higher salary cap. Gore and Olifoye will get top dollar due to their position LT and NI receiver. Im not sure that BC could afford to pay both if they come back.

On Elimimian I wrote the following in a prior post below:

Well I sure hope Elimimian does not end up as practice roster and special teams journeyman as explained below by CFLSteve.

They'd probably give him the run-around for a season or two only as they wind in and out draft picks and free agents.

I guess now that CFLSteve reports that he won't be back in the CFL in 2013, he'll either be doing the above for a season or as I also stated below, he'll spell an ILB in a 3-4 defence.

Take for example the Baltimore Ravens' 3-4 with top LBs Suggs on the outside and retiring Ray Lewis on the inside now:

[url=http://www.nfl.com/teams/baltimoreravens/depthchart?team=BAL]http://www.nfl.com/teams/baltimoreraven ... t?team=BAL[/url]

Note that Ellerbe and Ayanbadejo at ILB were undrafted free agents too and are undersized for the position in the NFL.

I wonder if the Ravens will come calling given that Lewis will be gone and Ayabadejo is 36 and about the same size as Elimimian!

If not the Ravens, now I think someone else on another team will do so given that today's LBs, even on the inside, have more responsibility for also pass coverage than ever.