Gordon resigned

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I think the previous thread brought up some valid points.

Obie is accumulating talent to compete at the DB position
Gordon had a terrible season
Gordon is getting a chance to showlast year was an aboration but will need to prove himself in order to stay

Discuss without straying off topic
Almost like a smoker telling you not to smoke.
:roll: :lol: Where is the cheers smiley ?

Hmmm. We can't stray off topic, but can spell any way we like.

Anyway, I don't really care who plays in the secondary as long as it doesn't get lit up like last year.

Although he struggled at times, Gordon did show some signs of life. I think the biggest problem was the lack of consistency and support in the secondary.

We didn't play as a team and that hurt us. It didn't help that our defensive coaching was non-existent. I'd like to see what Gordon can do a supporting cast and decent coaching.