Gord Miller - TSN

Thought Miller did a decent job w/ his first brodast of the season.

Second, I don't think its Ambrosie who's making the call to minimize Rotten Roddy = Ambrosie is too busy back-slappers & ceo's like Bobcat Young & Wadzilla Miller to influence any CFL decisions - prolly 2 to 3 months before he has partial comprehension of whats swirling around hin.

Miller was a solid B to B+ . . . . remember this was his first go of the yr. so for that he should be congratulated - even saddled w/ Droll Duane.

Just don't understand why they're not letting Derek Taylor on the saddle. DT is NO spring chicken - he's about 44 or 45, only 10 or 12 yrs younger than Rod the guessing machine!

If they put Taylor on the broadcasts, I would not watch the games if he was the PBP man... he's barely passable on Sportscentre.... a shameless homer...

I refuse to slag anyone that works out of Toronto that embraces the CFL.

As for Gord Miller, he's just a pro announcer. The funniest of the PBP men on TSN, he's at his dry, witty best with Dunigan.

For viewers that can not tolerate a certain broadcaster, there is a simple solution.

The MUTE button on the remote.

Over and over , " oh no, not him tonight, I can't stand him "

There is no gun to anyone's head to listen.

MUTE and view only , or stop bitching.

Tell that to all the guys who complain about Suitor....