Gord Miller & Matt Dunigan

One of the best called first halves in CFL history.

Gord Miller, making his 2017 debutas TSN's football spare - and Dunigan escaping the confines of the panel and doing what he does best. Great commentary, not afraid to criticize guys and certainly not afraid to identify brilliance.

Sure beat the 2 mopes we'll see later today in Black/Forde - - - - two guys who are now so tentative they're barely speaking - other than Rod's fancy phrasing and incoherent ramblings!

Loved when Dunigan teed off on Milt Stegall re: on-field injuries and delays. Milt will not be amused that he was made sport of!

Gord Miller is doing a fine job. Dunigan is mixing up players name left and right, can't figure how forward progress works, and honestly sounds drunk.

Dunigan is always drunk - drunk on life! (having a few half-time brews always helps!!!???

Matt is always pumped, even on his bbq show!

Former bomber Obby Khan having the game of his life - and he's not even playing.

Khan has a couple Schwarma outlets at IGF stadium - on a day like this - he's probably producing the numbers of his life!

Especially if it was his capture team that bagged the loose moose and he can cut, salt, season and prepare the meat prior to half-time???

Gord Miller really is great.

Yet, the dimwits at TSN prefer Dogcrap Black as their #2 CFL announcer behind Cuthbert.

Yep, pretty obvious Black has family connections at TSN management which protect him from firing or demotions

fwiw - Miller & Dunigan should be the #1 team, Cuthbert & Suits #2, put the 2 slugs on stand-bye

Black has TSN connections ???

Perhaps he is just good at his job. ( My opinion. )

If people have a problem with a certain broadcaster, they can always just hit the mute button.

Really, I just do not get the Rod Black bashing.

Dust, MD, has had numerous concussions during his career.

That is why he at times stammers.

I am aware. I like Dunigan, just not as the colour guy.

Agree with you here.


lol, you're a sick puppy lyle.

You guys do know that Dunigan suffuses from post concussion syndrome right? The guy is a class act and deserves better.

I sure do get the Rod Black bashing, and I am far from the only one. It's a wonderful Canadian pastime during football season, and I'm not Canadian but how I have always enjoyed it! We even had an entire thread devoted to it on here a few years ago. For a bit I loathed Rod Black, but now he has grown on me and I would not have it differently than to have him to jeer as part of the action in watching games.

Have to admit. Black has poor voice quality and just plan bad announcing capabilities.

Just can't believe he is on TSN. TSN has the contract and is the face of the CFL.
Seems someone made a bad choice and is scared to own up to it.
Ford is only marginally better.

I will apologize as saying he sounded drunk was across the line. I'm not a fan of Matt as the colour guy but I think he's great on the panel.

I watch the game and don't get my tail in a knot over who the announcers are. But Gord Miller and Matt are a refreshing duo TSN throws in there occasionally. I even like the the panel and miss Shultzy.
But I guess because everyone is different in their likes and dislikes there will never be the perfect announcer or colour analyst.
Leo Cahill and Ron Lancaster were a great duo IMO back in the day.

I often find that people prefer announcers and the like from their past, in happier times of youth, more than the present.
Nostalgia is always pleasant. In 2030 people will say they loved the guys of today.

Movies, music, TV, sports, players, literature. They always seemed better in our own heyday, whenever that may have been.