Goose Island FG Challenge

Anyone else seen this yet?

I’m both laughing my butt off and cringing at half the kicks…

one guy just kicked the tee… ball just fell over, all tee… ffs kids…

Goose island… sounds dirty.

that is so pathetic, sheesh.

to kick the ball over that fence from that range, all one has to do is take one step and kick. One can almost just push the ball over.

not too surprising tho, when I was in basic training in Cornwallis, we were a platoon of somewhere between 30 and 40 and everybody but me missed an easy 10 yarder. I was astonished.

Never played organized ball but boy did we play neighborhood football in the park. I was terrible at kicking until I figured out that accuracy was more important than trying to boom it. Only then could I get kicks up and occasionally they actually sailed.

yes, that is a major problem for many. always went for accuracy over power in punting as well.

Its not the fence they’re trying to kick it over (although that was the height of the block from last week)

They have Goal posts in the background, it was for a 43 yard kick (same kick pardy missed last week) decently long ass kick, BUT only two or three came close, and not one of the 101 guys kicking made the shot.

of the bunch, i think i only saw 4 or 5 set up properly, more missed the ball entirely than looked like they knew what they were doing.

Secondary fun story, back when I worked for Frito-Lay, i managed to get my hands on some inflatable goal posts left over from SuperBowl displays. We had a beauty half time that year (think it was Ravens 9ers) on the semi icy road trying to kick 20 yarders in cowboy boots lol

I wondered about that but I couldn’t see any posts. Have to look again.

Yeah, I see it now. How did you know it was 43 yards. I didn’t have sound on so I guess someone said it. In my best day, 40-43 yards would have been about my limit for accuracy. After that, it was just toe punch and hope for the best. I used to have the old square toed boots back in the 60s. When I was 12, I once hit a 50 yarder by running full speed for about 15 yards and connecting on a perfect toe punch. Couldn’t do it again.