google this cfl trivia

I dont know all the answer to these myself

what player was successfull on 3 different teams in his rookie yr

what player was successfull at fullback, slotback and o-lineman for the same team

who was the last HC to smoke on the sidelines during a game.
when did this practice stop
why did it stop, did the league put a stop to it, or was it a result of some kind of govt workplace ban

who was the last kicker to have a successfull career as a toepuncher

who was the last starting QB to also be the main punter

who was the last starting reciever to also be the main punter

The last CFL toe-banger placekicker is; Dave Cutler perhaps?

last one I can remember. I was actually reminded of that by watching the 78 grey cup today.

Last QB and also the punter; Joe Zuger is my choice.

Sonny Wade could be the last too.

I cant remember which one played latest?

I'm not 100% sure who it is but I am 100% sure it wasn't Cutler.

My guess would be Hank Illecic.

Starting Reciever = Mike McTague (just from memory)
Smoking Head Coach = Joe Scanella (also from memory) I'll guess that it stopped in 1985
Fullback/Slotback/Lineman = Jamie Taras (just guessing here)

how are you 100% sure it wasnt cutler???

Simple. Because Cutler retired in 1985. Ilecic finally retired for the last time in 2005. Hank the Shank was handling place kicking duties well into the 1990's.

Good call; looked it up and llesic is the last.

Mike is the receiver punter I was thinking of. Pretty sure he was the last
I know joe smoke during the 78 cup, no idea if anyone smoked after him
Jamie taras is for sure the right guess. :thup:

according to this

hank never tried another FG after 84 but did converts some and then lots of kickoffs. So if we count converts and kickoffs, then hank it is, otherwise, for FGs they are tied.

cant seem to find hanks stats anywhere else to back this site info up.

I'd prefer:

what player was successfull on 3 different teams in his rookie yr

my guess on this question is Paul Osbaldison, he played for 3 teams in his rookie year ending it with a Grey Cup Victory with Hamilton.

that be my answer

Who was that bare footed American punter that played for the esks about 10 years ago.

good question. didnt realize that it had happened so recently

Jackie Parker smoked on the sidelines when he coached in Edmonton after they fired Pete Kettella who replaced Hugh Campbell in early 80's

I believe Sonny Wade was the last punter QB...Zuger was before him

Time was closer to 15 years ago already.... ... 0029.shtml