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yeah...kinda old news there...

I'll say.


Ahhh…well…that explains it then…

Drew Edwards is good guy, I don't mind reading his stuff, he would be the equivalent of Ed Tait in Wpg.

Funny though, on the 4th it was the Lions battling the flu but then on the 5th it's the Eskimos ?

TiCats are going to be in tough in this one. It'll be a noisy crowd and the Blue will be pumped.

Now Kasps

That is trolling

Coming from a Hamilton fan, who's team has 23 wins in 6 years, I know TC isn't smart enough to do the math. But that averages out to about 4 wins a year ! They're lucky to get 1 sell out every couple of years.
Google pathetic, you will come up the the Ticat win loss record for the last 20 years. They are around 100 games under 500 !

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh that's twice I've had to wipe coffee off of my laptop this morning...

Ham since 1990 to current ..... 131 wins 225 losses 2 ties , 94 games under 500. TC go back and play in the sand box, before nap time !

Wow brutal...and they still have fans, that's exceptional support.

Do me a favour when you have a minute, tell us how many GC's teams own in that same period. Since GC records are always what you bring up when evaluating players and teams. :lol:

Awesome...then by that logic...the Bombers and Als are equals!!! Yay! One Cup each!

and Hamilton has how many ?

Oh check this one out.

Team Grey Cup losses... even worse than the Riders ! :smiley:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 14
Saskatchewan Roughriders 13
Edmonton Eskimos 11
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 10
Montreal Alouettes 10
Toronto Argonauts 6
Ottawa Rough Riders 6
Calgary Stampeders 6
B.C. Lions 4

Hmmm...maybe we should talk about grey cup wins??? Or how about Grey Cup losses with a quarterback named Cavillo? That's always a good topic. Or how about how many times franchises have folded??? That would be interesting, don't you think HFXTC?

The guy is still playing. The way the Als are playing by the end of next year, for all we know Calvillo could have 3 Grey Cup titles.

Winnipeg fans have been saying Calvillo is done and soon to retire for five years. The man has done more in the last 10 years to damage the other eastern teams than any player in history. Als have been the Alpha dog in the east for 13 years now. :smiley:

The other 3 teams should get together and write him a cheque for 1.5 million in exchange for him hanging it up :smiley:

It would be money well spent :cowboy:

Your Bombers better make the playoff or I'll torment you guys till next summer :smiley:

dose Toronto and Hamilton not have the most cup wins overall? I could be wrong tho! I know Toronto has the most apperances!
And i Do belive in order hamilton vs Mtl vs Peg vs tornto for cup last wins is
*not sure if toronto won it more recently then mtl or not!

Awww...Hf...why don't you wanna talk about this??? Come on...I'm sure Cavillo must be up there for most Grey Cup losses...something that WON'T change even if he does win the next two...

i dont get this whole bashing A.C for beaing 1-5 in the past 10 years! i pegg not 0-2?

just searched the GC stats and with all the active teams Winnipeg has been to the GC the most (23) 10 wins 13 losses

People get mixed up with Toronto and Hamilton because they've had seperate teams but they end up combining those teams stats and putting them into the Tiger cats and Argonaunts when they like Hamilton has like 2 or 3 different teams as a city they've done extremly well but as a single team there mid-pack and Toronto they have like 5-6 different teams...

but i looked at Montreals and they have the 2nd worst record based on GC apperances 5-11 and Sask has the worst 3-13