Google Eyes on Mike Kelly

Paul Friesen "goes the extra mile" looking for Kelly's past accomplishments and comes up with...

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So, Mike Kelly wants us to Google him, does he?

The head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers made the comment after his most embarrassing loss of the season, Sunday night.

"If you Google me, I've been successful elsewhere," the professor, standing in the fresh mess of that 55-10 loss to Saskatchewan, told reporters, amidst questions about his woeful offence and 3-7 record.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to take the professor up on his offer.

Actually, I dug a little deeper than Google.

And the truth is, Kelly's success elsewhere has been limited, which contradicts something else he said, the day after the Banjo Bowl.

"I never had this much trouble getting an offence to get the football pointed in the right direction," he said Monday.

Actually, professor, you have.

In fact, in Kelly's only other head coaching gig, which ended with his firing after a post-game shouting match with the athletic director and some fans at Valdosta State University in 1999, Kelly's record was a mediocre 15-16 -- and his offence one of the worst in school history.

"An era that people try to forget," a reporter from the area told me.

"He was a hard fit," is how another described it. "He was cocky. He was outspoken. But he always blames it on the fact he was not a southerner."

Kelly took over at Valdosta, in Georgia, in 1997. The next three years remain the worst three years of offensive football the Division II school has had in the last 16.

"They never found a quarterback," one of our scribes said.

Kelly's second year there, when his team averaged 261 yards and less than 19 points per game, stands as the worst in the last 26 years.

Thanks to a solid defence, the team was 6-5 the first year, 5-6 the second.

But late in Year 3, Kelly lost his temper after what remains Valdosta's one and only loss to Arkansas-Monticello, a team that didn't have much of a football program.

"That last loss was embarrassing," one reporter said.

His team 4-5, Kelly came out of the locker-room, headed for the press box for his post-game radio show and got into it with some fans and the school's athletic director.

"The next day I turned on the coach's show (on TV), and it wasn't The Mike Kelly Show anymore," the writer said.

So Kelly left Valdosta a game below .500.

There's an interesting footnote to his time there, though.

One of the teams he lost to had to forfeit its victory because it used ineligible players. Kelly, determined to go into the school record books with a winning record, tried to get that game added to his personal win total.

"Mike for years would call the sports information director at Valdosta," one of our sources said. "He wanted to be above .500."

So what had the professor done to earn a job as a CFL head coach?

He could point to his one season with the Orlando Rage of the short-lived XFL, where, as offensive co-ordinator, he helped the Rage to a league-best 8-2 record.

Of course, Google will tell you the Rage never had a quarterback throw for more than 250 yards, or a running back gain more than 69, and that they crashed and burned in the playoffs.

More often, Kelly points to his previous stint with the Bombers, where he was the OC from '92-96.

He likes to mention the 29 club records his offence set, the 713 passing yards Matt Dunigan recorded in one game.

He doesn't mention his offence was near the bottom of many of the CFL's passing categories in the two years Dunigan wasn't the quarterback.

So no, this isn't the first time Kelly has had some trouble getting the football "pointed in the right direction."

Just thought you might want to know.

And I saved you some Googling.

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Good job there Paul...

Ouch. The truth hurts, don't it? :lol: :lol:

I love the way he refers to Kelly as "Professor" :slight_smile:

It's just scary how completely ineffective Kelly's "Offences" have been over the years. Seems if you don't have a CFL legend as your QB it just isn't going to amount to much.

Man that's harsh, but hey, he challenged the media to do it.

Kelly opened up his mouth once again and once again, made himself and the bombers look like fools. You think this makes Kelly look bad? Don't forget Bauer hired this guy with other more suitable candidates available and yet Ken Hildahl is still pleased and backs them both. Maybe the dog was right all along about these morons :wink:.

Very, very dumb thing for Kelly to say. He legitimised Friesen's investigation. Also Friesen showed Kelly that reporters aren't Lazy arses...

All bad.

Friesen legitimate, :roll: :roll: , I'm sure if another reporter who was unbiased could find players and other coaches who would say positive things about kelly. Like I said before ,you want a unbiased view on Kelly, listen to Bob Irving . He has been critical and also defended Kelly , when others blamed him for things that happened last year or had nothing to do with him.

Had Kelly been even the tiniest bit humble and contrite in all of this, it is quite possible that the Bombers could be 3-7 today and their fans could feel, well, if not happy, at least encouraged that they are on their way to something good. But his manner in dealing with nearly everyone he comes in contact with turns them off.

I really like Bob Irving but Bob works for the Bombers Broadcaster, he can't say what he wants... almost but not quite. Where Friesen owes the Bombers nothing.

Irving has pulled no punches this year and has been around for 40 years. Friesen has always written negative articles about the Bombers. Not just this year. His job is to sell papers and blow everything out of porportion. Irving gets payed by by CJOB and he doesn't have to worry about selling anything. It's Friesen's agenda to write negative stories on the Bombers.

At VSU wouldn't the OC be the one handling the offense? So when Kelly says that he hasn't had these kinds of problems before isn't that still true of VSU because it would have been the OC who was having the problems getting the offense pointed in the right direction? Yes the buck stops with the HC but how much is on the OC?

HfxTC, in case you didn't know, before he was hired by the Esks, Mike Kelly was a professor at Drexler University which is ranked in the top 100 universities academically in the US thus Friesen's sarcastic use of the word "professor".

football obviously isn't his Forte :lol:

Just like Porter !

And that make's sense how lol? Whatever :smiley:

Porter isn't very good and is overrated. If you can't handle getting something back, don't come on the Bomber site. :lol: Worry about something else besides taking shots at the Bombers. I know your ti cats are flawless and are coming off back to back Grey Cups and are a whopping 5 -5 this year.

Okay? all i'm saying is football isn't Kelly's forte, jokingly (notice the ----> :lol:). And FYI Porter is a QB we're trying to develop, not an overpaid hasbeen, well technically never been (Bishop). We're giving Porter game's to try and get him some experience on the fly not because we think he's the greatest QB to ever hit the field.And I don't come on here to attack you guys so stop being so paranoid.

....what's the matter there 15 Glenns act wearing a little thin in the hammer... :lol: One thing i do know in this league is going to have to do is find some depth at qb. Porter is a good one....needs seasoning and you won't get that sitting him on the bench....The Bombers are still looking for their development project....maybe we have found one in Bramlet...He looks good in practice but will it translate to real-game conditions....Tune in on Sunday and give him a look....He might surprize the hell out of everybody....More than likely we'll be 2 pts in the win column for the Als....even so...I hope Bramlet gets a shot to show us what he's got..could be interesting.. :wink:

Im just so tired of this year.I love watching the bombers play ,but now I don't

I plan on tuning in lol, watch every CFL game. Also interested in seeing what Bramlet's made of. Just got back from the cat's game, HUGE win over the stamps :slight_smile: 24-17 final