Google English- French Translation

If anyone knows the steps needed to get the above from google or other source please put the info on this site!

  1. highlight and copy the entire text you want to translate. To do this first highlight the text by dragging your mouse. Everything in blue has been highlighted for copying. Then press Ctrl and C at the same time
  2. Go to
    3.You'll see a large rectangular box and two smaller ones. Make sure the smaller ones have the appropriate instructions filled in.
    4.Put your cursor in the largest rectangular box and press Ctrl and V at the same time. The translation should appear just below.

Note: At best the translation is an approximation but it should give you a pretty good idea.

Beaglehound, je te félicite de tes efforts!

Bonne journée, mon ami!

Thanks beaglehound. I believe I have missed some excellent looking posts by Lestaff and others.

Just make sure it doesn't translate fans with ventilateurs and touch down with toucher les parties en bas :wink:

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