Im confused on what is happening with Goodspeed? He was placed on the 9 game injury list and now I hear he is helping to coach? So has he retired or is he an insurance ard to play after the 9th game. Can he coach and play?

I believe, but am not certain, that players 9 gamed prior to final roster announcements (end of preseason) do not count against cap. Therefore they likely 9 gamed him to be safe, then shook hands on the coaching spot. Dan himself has stated that he is not positive his playing days are behind him...he is not technically 'retired,' not that retired actually means anything either. I am not sure what happens come September when his 9 games is up...I believe they will have to play him, cut him or have him retire. Good opportunity to test his coaching ability...if it doesn't work out you cut him they pay him and he is not doing nothing.

A clarification: any time someone is put on the 9-game, their salary does not count towards the cap. If they are pulled from the 9-game injured list before 9 games is up, then the whole salary counts. Another option to the list of possibilities you noted is that they could 9-game him a second time - no rule against consecutive 9-game injured list stints.

No, their salary does not count when 9 gamed, but you are also limited on the number of people that that can be 9 gamed and their Salary not count (I believe that is 2 now). I believe because it was preseason this does not count as one of those 2, but I am not positive...that is more what I meant.

Also, Dan is a 5year+ vet, so even if he were to be released at this point they need to pay 9 games to him, and it counts against cap. So it may very well be one of their designated 9 game exemptions.

I just think it is a smart move bringing him in to I the end of the day you are paying him no matter what.

I don’t mean to pick a fight but that is not accurate either. There is no limit to the number of players that can be placed on the 9-game list. If you you 5 receivers with broken legs (like we did a couple of years ago), they can all be on the 9-game list. However, only one can be taken off the list before their 9 games is up in each of the 1st and the 2nd half of the season (which might be where your number of 2 came from). But once taken off the list in this scenario, their salary counts from the first game of the 9 game.

I am not sure about the other statement either (Dan is a 5year+ vet, so even if he were to be released at this point they need to pay 9 games to him) as I think the rule is that, if they are still on the roster after the 9th game, they must pay them their full salary to the end of the season. I am less certain of this statement of mine though, or maybe the last CBA changed something in this regard.

No limit on the number of players on 9 game injury list.

If a veteran-no matter the number of years- is released before the ninth game of the season, the Team does not have to pay him a $ penny. Only after ninth game does this rule applies.