Goodspeed Traded to Hamilton in Three Team Deal

All the details here -

The timing (look at the date) seems odd and fishy but things look official.

Man o man, Kelly is blowing it up real good.

Full blown rebuild mode now folks.

You guys got a NI centre that could start right away if he comes to camp...I'm shocked the Riders would give him up.

Bad trade from Sask's point of view...I don't get it at all. Bowman will be a good reciever. Congrats on upgrading today.

Definitely moving towards the youth movement.

Once Bowman learns to catch :wink: he will be a rocket out on the corner opposite Romby.

The o-lineman is very raw, but another monster with long arms.

Kelly has a good eye for talent, hopefully he knows how to bring it along.

Catching will come as he gets more comfortable..he runs great routes and does not go down easily. You got a good one.

Piggy!!! Don’t use the “Rebuilding” word!! Papa set me straight on that awhile back :lol: Rebuilding or reloading, our team will not resemble anything even close to what we saw in 08. God help us in throwing our faith behind Kelly!!!..and I’am not even a church going man! I’am not sure if I should cry or celebrate with these two latest moves. I sure as hell hope Kelly knows what he’s doing!!! I’am keeping the faith as best as I can!!


If Roberge can start this year, this deal works. If he can't Bombers have pretty much burried themselves.

Yes, because one import player will make or break a team. :roll:

Not saying I agree with him, just saying I believe the point is, receiving corps was not a weakness on the team, but o-line maybe was? And this trade didn't exactly answer the questions on o-line, did it? But American o-linemen are a dime a dozen, and Roberge is a good prospect. Short term pain for long term gain....

....Man o Man,,,,,the jury is out now......this team has had some majory surgery ....Will the new transplants work or will we have to go on life-support.....I'm hanging with Mike....(might have to literally) and hope that this deal works out...I know Kelly has a great eye for talent...BUT my mind is getting filled with a lot of questions????????that can and will be answered only when this team hits the field....BIG ...BIG ...RUMOUR in the PEG also has Mr. Printers coming on board.....I don;t know where this is all gonna end.... there's some more moves around the cornor... :roll: Better get a programme boys.... :roll: :roll:

I like Bowman....lots of potential....other ni players in this deal are going to be the surprise....if they turn out to be quality....i guess we just had our draft.... :lol: :thup:

Guys, don’t you know that Kelly had nothing to do with these trades!

This was a completely independent decision by the Database.

Many unconfirmed rumors indeed. The futures in the Malbrough deal is apparently Schiavone, a NI kicker. Nice.

Also, Joe Smith is being moved ??? And Printers blew the socks off Kelly at the free agent camp and the Goodspeed move was to dump salary to ink Printers.

I wouldn't order the blue & gold basement paint just yet.

This trade has absolutely nothing to do with answering an o-line issue. Roberge & Browne are basically draft picks we wouldn't have had in this years draft. Bowman will bring some depth at the import receiver spot with the loss of Stegall and Johnson and with Armsteads status being ???

Word is Goodspeed was playing out his option, better to get something now than lose him fa next year.

Again, I think that was the point. If anything your o-line is now weaker, not stronger. Usually one makes trades to address weakness, not aggravate it. And Your receiving corps was likely considered the strength of your offense before this trade, not a weakness. So I'm not saying yay or nay from the Bomber perspective. I just think it is a little puzzling and could in the short term cause you problems. Roberge is a good kid. Browne was a 5th round pick and I never even knew we had him. This deal was very complicated and may take a few days to digest. Perhaps Kelly really likes the QB we gave you. ET predicted him to be a late round NFL draft to perhaps undrafted. If he can come in this year or next and compete for a job, obviously that would be pretty good for you guys. We have like 9 QBs on our neg list(no, I don't know why so many) so if we can trade a few for other prospects, I am good with that. Though after losing McPherson for Childs trading a QB prospect for a RB makes me a little queasy.
As I've said elsewhere, I think all 3 teams did reasonably well in this deal. Weird, huh,,,,? I think the Ticats got the most immediate impact, and the Bombers more long term. The Riders got very little immediate impact, and definitely some long term prospects. I don't think the riders heading to TC are one iota better or worse from this deal. But by the time we collect all our draft picks in 2 to 3 years, we did okay.

If Printers joins the Bombers with their “O-Line,” he will be running for his life a hundred times more frequently than he did with Hamilton’s “O-Line” last year.

Unlike 2008, in 2009, the Bombers now have lots of questions marks on their O-Line, and Hamilton now has none.

on in two , you are a ITIOT

Why? Because Kelly is destroying your team one position at a time?

I wonder what an itiot is......................

…i don’t know MadJack…it’s Greek to me…

I’m not as concerned about our o line as Arius is…we still have a couple of all-stars on it …Khan and Labatte…and some very good replacements…Now the kicking game and d secondary is another story???..I wonder what Kelly has up his sleeve in that regard… :roll: :roll: :wink: