Goodspeed on the Trading Block?

According to this article by Drew Edwards in the Hamilton Spectator today, the agent for Ticats' starting right offensive tackle Dan Goodspeed has said the Ticats want to trade him because he is due to receive a bonus of about $90,000 in early March, 2010. The Ticats deny that they are looking to trade him.
8) According to Drew Edwards, the Cats are attempting to trade Off. Tackle Dan Goodspeed. The issue is a roster bonus
of roughly $90,000, due to be paid in early March to Goodspeed.

 The Cats are trying to deny the rumour, however Goodspeeds agent says it is a fact, and Drew Edwards tends to agree with him !!!

 There isn't much doubt in my mind either that it is true !!!

I bet the Cats have their eyes on Jason Jimenez to fill Goodspeed's spot. Jimenez is a free agent and has ties with Obie from their BC days.

Ain’t gonna happen. Obie is engaging in a perfunctory fishing expedition.

Who would pay Alex that bonus and his whole year’s salary, too?

We got off easy last year.

Drew Edwards said

Winnipeg paid a good portion of Goodspeed's salary last season through just this kind of bonus before moving him to Saskatchewan

(and therefore Hamilton).

It’s our turn to bit the bullet.

That would seriously tick me off. We FINALLY have a solid O-line and if we disturb that by being cheap, I will NOT be very happy about that.

I guess everyone is forgetting that the Ticats have 2 non-import 1st round pick tackles? Are you guys somehow against an all Canadian Oline?

Obie made this team better last year and I trust his judgement. If the team trades him thats a good 200K total off the cap to sign 2-4 players.

Nope not forgetting that and I'm not against an all Canadian O-line, but I haven't seen evidence that either of them are ready to take over the starting spot yet.

It has nothing to do with being "cheap". The salary management system forces these types of decisons on teams every year. You can't keep every player happy salary-wise every year and still stay under the cap.

No you can't, but we've heard year after year that we come in under the cap and we just got rid of Setta's salary so it really shouldn't be an issue. We should use the "under the cap" money to keep guys like Goodspeed here. He's an all-star for crying out loud. We traded for him knowing he was due this bonus and he should get it.

The problem is we don't know the full story regarding team salaries. For example, if Bruce III wants to continue playing and the Ticats want to keep him, they will need to pay his full $190,000+ salary next season. That's another $50,000+ in salary hit that the Ticats didn't have last year due to the mid-season trade. Then you say you also want to pay Goodspeed's $90,000 bonus and very quickly you're over the cap. That is one simple example and there will be other salary/bonus challenges that O'Billovich has to deal with.
Who would you rather keep - Bruce III or Goodspeed or, alternatively, shed some other player(s) to make cap space for both?

I'm sure O'Billovich took all of these salary issues into consideration when he traded for these guys. All of these things need to be considered. I really don't think we have that many players left who are making the big bucks. I know we have a few big salaries, but we cut Gordon and Setta and a lot of our secondary and even some of our D-line signed as virtual unknowns so they're not making too much. I don't think we should have to make a choice between 2 all-star players. I understand the cap and the need to be careful with money, but from all I've heard the reason we keep ourselves under the cap is so that we have some wiggle room for situations such as these.

Isn't that how we got Glen, Peg didn't think he was worth paying the bonus. Now we're doing the same. :?

I am not so Sure Dan has lost some Speed and at Tackle that can hurt you .

I'd Welcome someone to challage him for that Tackle Spot.

Bugsy: Yup.
And so it goes.
Each season brings a new set of headaches when it comes to salary caps. It turns the whole thing into a meat market.
We don't know what kind of talent Obie has his eye on.

Your position on a potential Goodspeed trade as it relates to team salaries and the SMS is based solely on assumptions. The fact is we are not privy to the team salary details that dictate this type of player/salary decision. To conclude that the Ticats are being "cheap" based only on your assumptions is unfair.

Life is unfair. I'm not saying that they are being cheap, I'm saying that if we lost an all-star based on the fact that we didn't want to pay him a very WELL-DESERVED bonus I would not be happy about it. All of the things you're saying about the team salaries is based on assumptions as well. You're assuming that the team may not have taken salaries and bonuses into account when trading for players. I want the best player for the job and if we have to pay for it, so be it. I trust that O'Billovich has managed the team well enough under the cap that we have the money to pay for his bonus. If he hasn't, that is another problem altogether. If we have someone better who we are paying less, bring him on. Until then, pay the man.

I trust Obie to do the best possible job in managing the salary cap to the team's best advantage. I don't know what all the details of each player's salary and bonuses might be, nor does anyone else here. Only team management does. There are many permutations possible. We can't keep everyone we have, plus sign all free agents who anyone thinks might "look good in black and gold", and stay within the cap. It's Obie's job to manage it effectively and come up with the best combination of veteran and fresh talent within the cap. I believe he will do that very capably.

When he decided Nick Setta had to go, I regretted it, but I trust his assessment. I like Dan Goodspeed, but if Obie decides Goodpseed has to go, I'll trust him on that too. If he and Marcel think our young Canadian linemen are ready to become starters, I will defer to their judgment on that as well. We have capable people in charge who are doing a good job. We're fortunate to have them. We'll get better and more competitive under their stewardship.

If O'Bie can trade Goodspeed for a DB and a first-round draft pick, I can see him drafting a certain NI kicker...

I don't know how Capable 9 and 9 is that 500
The Rest of Division was bad last year.
Only Montreal was above 500.
For the Ticats to Win the East
they have to be better then a 500 football Team
I like to see 12 wins this year and a Birth in the East Final
Or to me 2010 will be a Failure..
If that means replacing Dan or any other player so be it.

Actually, I found that last years O-line, while not the train wreck of the 2008 O-Line, left a lot to be desired. Second to last in sacks, mid to low in the pack rushing stats.....

Like it or not, life in the CFL is about living as well as you can within budgetary restraints. Setta was released because of his cost vs. permormance ratio. Maybe Goodspeed is next...who knows. BC dumped a ton of salary last off season, this year Sanchez was released by the Als.

I found Goodspeed kinda ordinary last year...for the type of cash he is costing, he better be a lot better than that.