Goodspeed,,,Canada...closer to deal with Bombers

...according to todays Free Press...Goodspeed and Canada are getting closer to a deal...inch by inch their agents say...Taman laid his cards on the table...whether or not the hand is good enough...wellll i guess we'll see by Friday...i've got a hunch we'll see them both back in Blue n Gold :wink: Ian Logan is all but wrapped up for 08... :thup:

...Goodspeed is working out with the New Orleans Saints....adds a new dimension to the re-signing as he only needs one game in the nfl to qualify for pension....oh boy""...Taman admitted today, he CANNOT afford to let a player of Goodspeeds calibre slip away...guess he's gonna have to come up with the cash on an extended contract...orrrr???Apparently Taman also found out that Obby Khan is having a relapse of his health condition...IF he can't operate at a high-level again this season...i believe the BigBlue are in alot of trouble on the 'o'line, especially if we lose Goodspeed...Sheridan has to be re-signed along with Dan...or Glenn might have a long year...running for his life...along with Dinwiddie...who... is about to re-sign...GoBigBlue.. :rockin:

I don't see how you can count on Obbie ever being a starter again with this disease. I hope New Orleans cuts Goodspeed we're going to need him and Sheridan.

It would be so good to see Obbie back at centre if his health will allow. Kevin Glenn lost his arm mainly because Obbie's replacement missed his block.

....Goodspeed and the BigBlue are 'close' to a long-term deal according to the local media today..Taman says he 'might have it done before 11 pm tonight...things are also closer with Canada....hopefully we have them both locked up tonight....Logan and McKinley have signed... :thup:

From the Winipeg Free Press.

Taman was working feverishly to lock up his big three -- tackle Dan Goodspeed, defensive end Tom Canada and guard Matt Sheridan -- before the Friday night deadline.

"I'm not as pessimistic as before about not getting at least one of them done," said Taman. "That doesn't mean we'll get it done, but I sense a glimmer of hope that I might be able to get one of them done before the 15th.

"We're throwing enough ideas back and forth where the differences are narrowing. But they're still significant enough where I'm not jumping up and down. We'll push hard over the next 24 hours and see what happens.

"Deep down in my heart I think those guys (Canada and Goodspeed) want to be back. They know about our situation and they're trying to do everything to make it work. But, if they hit the market, those guys are going to get some play, there's no doubt about it."

The other Bomber free agents are quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie, defensive back Greg Bearman, receiver Jamie Stoddard and defensive end/linebacker Adrian Baird.

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......don't know how much cap room there's left...but you can be sure Taman will high-end these guys...and if any other team(s) ante-up... they better have more than cash to get Canada on he is really tight in the Peg community....but at the end of the day talks....bullcrap walks...we'll see :wink:

Congrats on the Resign OT Dan GoodSpeed
Maybe We end up with Canada
That would be Great Battle Canada VS goodspeed.
But I Have Feeling BT is not done and you get Canada Back.