Goodspeed apparently signs with the Green Riders

according to CHML sports.

Didn't take long...

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Glad you found a spot right away, Dan.

It was inconceivable that the Cats would pay
that huge bonus of on your last contract.

Sorry about that.

I am happy to see him go to a good team and not back to the peg or blue team town. Would have been great to keep him in the Hammer but in a league where the cap is only 4.2 million you can't afford 90K bonuses.

I really think the CFL should outlaw these big bonus contracts because it's bad for the players when they all just end up being cut a week or two before it's due. Shame on Taman.

Disagree. The players and agents are fully aware of the risks.

It’s up to the player to perform at a level that would make it worth the team’s while to pay him any bonuses.

In other words, he’s got to earn it.

Realistically, no one, you and me included would say to our employers, "no thanks, that bonus is too big--make it less". Sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose.

An Argo-Cat fan

How about make the base salary larger and bonus smaller?

Also.. why are these bonuses due so long after the season is over? The bonus should be paid at the end of the season.

I agree, how would you like it if your boss told you, you would be getting a bonas of even $1000 only to turn around and fire you 2 weeks before it was due. ITS A CHEEP WAY OUT AND I AM ASHAMED OF TEAMS DOING THIS TO ANY PLAYER! You expect them to play up to there potinal and they expect you to live up to there contracts!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Realistically an employer would not be allowed to dump you a week before a bonus is owed. Pro football is a cruel business, all he can do is go out and make Obie regret it.

It's not how it works in the real world.

They're not letting you cuz they're cheap. They're letting you cuz they think you're not worth it.

The players and agents know what they'e getting into whrn they negotiate that. It cut both ways.

What I can't stand, is the opposite. With guaranteed contracts, a player can dog it and still earn money he doesn't deserve.

He will only have 2 chances per season now unless the Riders meet the Cats in the cup again. :slight_smile:

.....why//////??? shame on Taman....he's probably re-instituting that bonus as we :lol: :lol:

Its all an SMS thing. The new bonus usually counts towards the next year's cap.

I am not sure but I think I read that there are income advantages
for American players to receive income in the form of a bonus.

Early December bonuses become part of that year's salary,
and teams use them to use up that season's salary cap.

but I don't understand why teams give late winter bonuses.

Late winter bonus have to be calculated into
a player's salary for salary cap reasons anyway.

Winter bonuses set up when players were on other teams
pretty well ruins their present team's chances of trading him

because no team will accept his contract in a trade
they will just wait until that player is released.

Isn't it obvious? The 'large bonus so long after the season' is something put into a contract so its a tempting offer, and its during the off-season so that there's time to cut the player. If being named an All-Star isn't enough to 'earn' a bonus, I don't know what was expected, but we picked up the contract someone else gave him so...

Anyways, congrats to Mr. Goodspeed on finding a team.

You realise that Taman just signed him back right ?

Yes I realize that Taman is the new Rider GM. You can be sure that Goodspeed wasn't interested in another bonus-heavy contract since he never got his last one. The reason he never got it was it was a horribly done contract. I would hope Dan knows better now.

8) It makes you wonder when these players that insist that bonus payments be included in their contracts, will ever learn
  their lessons !!!    The majority of these players that are being released or traded is due exactly to these bonus's being
  due them.

  While I agree that a $90,000 bonus is a joke in the CFL, there are many players that are only owed in the area of 
  only $10,000-$15,000 in bonus payments.  Prime example is Gavin Walls.  

  Montreal has released him because they could not come to an agreement with regards to re-negotiating his current
  contract, and the Al's thereby don't have to pay him his bonus due this week of $15,000.  It still smacks of cheapness, 
  and makes the CFL look rinky dink to a lot of fans !!

  You can also bet that Nick Setta had some kind of bonus due to him also.
   Not to suggest that that was the main reason for releasing him, but that combined with his large salary, would certinly
   have played a big role, along with his level of play this past season !!!

Pretty much all these crappy bonus-heavy contracts are Taman's doing. Not the players. I understand that they are obviously agreeing to it when they sign. For many players it's either sign the contract we offer you or none at all. You need to be a very very good and proven player to have much bargaining power in a small 8 team league.

With the arena and europe leagues gone now there is a lot more talent to choose from and that weighs more in the GM's corner than the player.

I was a big fan of Dan Goodspeed in Hamilton it's too bad that the situation did not work out but I would like to wish Dan all the very best in Regina with the Riders.

TIGER-CATS EAT EM RAW in 2010 and Beyond!!!!!!!!

All the best to Dan and Godspeed to him. :frowning: