Goodspeed a Ticat

This Mikey vs. Zontar stuff better not start up again

Back to the trade. A+ move for the Cats. Bombers got a good WR in Bowman.

Well its a little more informed and valuable then your opinion, no offense.

And was Roberge traded?
I did not at any point say ET’s opinion wasn’t valuable. It was you for believing that eT has taken you under his wing as his confident that I was critical of. I am absolutely positive that if ET was thinking of trading Roberge, the first thing he would do is email you and let you know he had changed his mind…
Look. I get all the Ridercult clones all the time giving the old, “nudge and a wink” because they think ET has shared something special with them on Riderville. It isn’t particularly compelling when they do it, and not more so when you do.
Again, it has been publicly stated by Jim Hopson and Ken Miller that ET is still working actively as the GM of the Riders. And this trade bears every MO of an “ET trade”.

I was thinking of St-Pierre...not Roberge. Long day...sorry

Interesting. I can tell you that on the Rider forum, ET was very high on Roberge, projecting him as a possible starter this year(before we signed McGrath). So he was high on the kid. I think my point is, and this isn’t different for ET or any GM, it is ET’s job to be high on every kid he brings to camp. The day a GM says, “yeah, we signed this guy, but really, between you and me, he’s just TC cannon fodder” is the day A) that kid is done, or B) it is time for the GM to rethink his career choice.

But yes, no doubt he told you they wouldn’t trade St.Pierre. The Riders are VERY high on him. Still doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.



I was gonna say...I think blackandgld is a little closer to accurate here lol

Realizing you were thinking of St.Pierre, I thought you might still be interested in this tidbit--just in case anyone doubts who is in charge in Riderville:

REGINA -- According to Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Ken Miller,[b] general manager Eric Tillman had been working for “a considerable period of time? on a trade that was announced Wednesday[/b].
[url=] ... story.html[/url]

Just to clarify, Toronto still has the #2 pick (which I see you mention later in the post, just a mixup lol). Maybe Toronto takes Lee, but I just don't see it - they need players who can play here now, not wait for in the NFL. They also have never shown much interest in NI tailbacks, and if they were, Clifton Dawson formerly of the Colts was just released and is an NI they have the rights to.

My guess - Argos will take Rottier if he's there at #2. If he's not - they'll either take Legare or an NCAA player like Zac Carlson. Toronto still has question marks at one OL position where they need an NI, and their D-Line situation is now stable on the front four but needs depth. Those are probably priorities at #2 over a RB, where they'll almost certainly go with an import.

Hamilton now has a solid O-Line, with a bit of depth it could turn into one of the best in the league. This is vital if they're going to try and break in a new QB like Porter.

The Riders not only got fleeced by the Ticats but the Bombers too. They dearly need Tillman back.

Side note:

The way the trade is broken down leads me to believe that the Peg might have had no idea that the Riders were gonna flip Goodspeed to Hamilton. Typically, in three way deals you'd just say the Hamilton got Goodspeed, etc., instead of him going to Sask then Hamilton.

I suspect you are onto something there. Miller was quoted in the Leader-Post as saying the Riders actually were thinking about keeping Goodspeed. So doubtful the Bombers knew(or are happy about) the Ticats getting him.

Wow! good stuff! I am very happy!

...The acquisition of Roberge was solid for the Bombers.....Adarius Bowman is young with all kinds of potential... another good one....Big Blue gave up one helluva a team guy and talent in Goodspeed. to get them.....He'll work out well for the Cats.....The Bombers are obviously in 'huge' remake mode.....I don't know where this all gonna end....Latest big whispers is Mr. Printers is being taken seriously by our new coach....We'll see where that one goes... :roll: :roll:

Kelly getting serious about Printers? After vowing publically at least twice he wanted no part of him and after saying he was confident going with Lefors and Dinwiddle ?

Still sounds like a mess over there, Kelly’s learning on the fly or trying to learn.

Well, it appears the Peg had no idea and didn’t want Goodspeed in the East.

Check this out from the Winnipeg Sun. Great steal Obie.

So the Ticats got Goodspeed, the East Division's top offensive lineman in 2007, in a roundabout way, reuniting him with left tackle Alexandre Gauthier and quarterback Kevin Glenn.

Not only that, but Hamilton has to pay him only $70,000 this season after the Bombers forked over an $80,000 bonus last month to make him more attractive on the trade market.

Now that is truly outstanding!!

So, Kelly had to pay a bonus to Goodspeed, and we got a fine player at a discount price. Also, Kelly only avoided paying Glenn a bonus by cutting him, and so we got Glenn without giving up anything at all in trade. Obie seems to be doing to Winnipeg what they and Sask have done to us in recent years.

Sure makes you wonder if he has a clue what he's doing...........................