Goodspeed a Ticat

Porter showed flashes of tremendous CFL talent lurking inside him and Glenn's still got a hot arm. I think we should be ok, but just in case we gotta have a tough battle for 3rd and 4th string in camp between Betts, Meyer, Williams and Tafralis. We have a good QB situation atm :smiley: Personally Porter's my favourite QB of the bunch, I already bought his jersey at the ticat store :rockin:

You know considering all the talk of a weak draft. Some teams are sure trying hard to add draft picks to this weak draft...

I don't think it's as weak as people are saying and SSK was willing to trade for a pick because they dumped like 500 on WPG lol

And I don't have a problem with the team bringing in tackles from an offensive line that gave up fewer sacks than all but one other team in the league. (Click here to view the my information source, where it lists WPG's "sacks against" number and rank.)

And I see the roster has been updated, as you can see if you click here. It is good to see that news of these needed upgrades to the offensive line is no April Fool's Day joke.

And I can still see us drafting Rottier, as Goodspeed will be 32 years old this season, and is an import, as were the two other lineman brought in today.

And thanks for those updates throughout the day, Drew. I think I'll subscribe to The Scratching Post's RSS feeds. :slight_smile:

I'll tell you they aren't dancing in the streets in Winnipeg :o
Honeymoon is over for Doctor Evil LOL!

They did get a hell of a good centre, they just don't know it yet.

hmm? u mean WPG got a good center? If so who is it i wanna know :o

Good move by Obie.

It will be interesting to see whether the Ticats draft offensive tackle Simeon Rottier with the number one or number three overall pick and work him in as a backup to Gauthier and Goodspeed or whether they will look to strengthen other positions with those first round picks.

Jean-Francois Morin Roberge. I'd chatted with Tillman just a few days before he went on "vacation" and he said they were not going to trade him...If he shows up at camp. He will start for them no question.

They'll likely go for backups to goodspeed and gauthier because gauthier gets injured alot or so i'm told and goodspeed is getting old and may retire soon. It may not be big name picks we take first though like Rottier, it may be someone Obie has his eye on that he saw in camp or saw highlights of.

Goodspeed is made of granit. He’s got at least 3 good years. I’m thinking they might go for Legare…

ya I kinda think so too, in all the camp videos Obies always talking to Legare lol. I wonder if he's got it in him to be the next great canadian DL.

With Goodspeed at the RT position they should defiantly draft and develop Simon Rottier now. With both tackle positions now filled by top of the crop CFL experienced guys they need to (and now have the luxury to) get and develop the next gen. Take the top 2 OL in the draft. BC now has the 2nd pick via the trade with Toronto. I think BC will be more after D linemen this year so we should be able to get the top 2.

#1 Simon Rottier
#3 Matt Morencie

Correction: BC got the 4th pick from Toronto which they got from Edmonton. Toronto still has the 2nd pick. I bet the blue team will draft Jamall Lee as they are pretty low on RB talent with Dorsey gone.

Ya they probably will. And this is how i'd spend the 1st and 3rd.

#1 Etienne Legare
#3 Simeon Rottier

I just noticed on the CFL site that BC has 3 picks in a row in the 1st round. They have picks 4-6 which will let them really clean up on whats left after the first 3. Good job by Wally. He is the best at developing young players.

how would you rank the top OL in the cfl guys? EX
#1 Glen January
#2 Dan Goodspeed
#3 Rob Murphy
and so on

What !!! Murphy 3rd.... :roll:

I think we defintely have 1 of the top OL's in the CFL now. Our OL are: Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, Marwan Hage, George Hudson, Alexandre Gauthier, Todd Londot, Dan Oliphant, Peter Dyakowski, Gerald Davis and Dan Goodspeed.

Both Goodspeed and Gauthier will keep your qb's upright. But, both are on the other side of 33 ? I believe. Obie would be wise to draft as many tackles as he can this draft.

Gauthier is 32, and Goodspeed will turn 32 on May 20th. You can click here to view the Ticats roster which lists the dates of birth of these two.

But I do think Rottier will be picked with the first pick, as the blue team would likely take Rottier if we don't. We won't get him with the third overall pick.

I assure you that ET signed off on this deal,if he was not 100% was the architect. In fact it is almost quintessential ET. No offence, but ET telling you personally how high he was on Roberge and that he would never trade him, isn't worth the paper it was written on.