Goodspeed a Ticat

i like it! we weren't using Rempel, and its a second pick (we already have have 2 of the top 3 anyways)

Dan Goodspeed was an East Division and CFL All-Star in 2007.

He was also a finalist for the Rogers CFL
Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award.

beauty, eh!

He should have good chemistry with his former (and again) teammate Gauthier at the other end - hopefully a change of scenery will get him back to his 2007 production!

This is a very good trade for Hamilton.

We already have Dyakowski and Bekesiak to back up Hage, Hudson and Gagne-Marcoux. And aquiring Goodspeed leaves us with zero question marks at the OT positions. Translation: Porter will have time to throw in 2009.

The fact that we only gave up a backup O-Lineman and a second round pick for Goodspeed speaks well of Obie's negotiation skills.

anybody no what sask. gave winnipeg?

Cant complain when you get an everyday O-liner for just a depth player and a pick. Though no doubt somebody in here will give it a shot.

I've noticed you seem to hate Ticats.Ca

  • and most members here.

Why do you continue to post here? To persecute and upset members here?

I'm really curious now. :roll:

Great Trade :thup:
the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have acquired import receiver Adarius Bowman, non-import offensive lineman Jean Francois Morin-Roberge, non-import defensive back Brady Browne, a player from the Roughriders negotiation list, the Roughriders sixth round draft pick in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft and the Riders fifth round pick in the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft.
good luck with goodspeed fellas, hell of a player.

Great news indeed!

Im loving the impact the ticats made today, signing OL Todd Londot and OL Dan Oliphant and now a trade for goodspeed. It doesn't get much better then this, we're really filling key holes and still lots of time before camp and the draft. Gratz Obie, yet another stunning move for the ticats. This ticats sucking thing is really going to be a thing of the past, I can't wait for the season to start.

Could we be looking at the Winnipeg Ti cats. :roll: :oops:

There are so many pieces to this trade it is hard to figure out but the Ticats got the linesman they wanted without giving up one of their top picks. This trade makes the Ticats better today. Congrats to Mr. Obilovich for improving the Ticats.

Looks to me like Tillman isn't involved with the Riders because they just traded their best prospect. A kid he was very high on and and replied to me that they would not trade.

Not a bad thing you know. Glenn obviously vouched for Goodspeed and its easyer to integrate 3 guys that have played together, trust and respect each other then 3 guys from 3 different programs.

I'm loving how we got Goodspeed for practically nothing lol :smiley: A backup OL and a 9th pick.. we get to keep 1st and 3rd. Fantastic work obie, if it were any1 else we'd probly have to trade 1st 3rd and a player for Goodspeed.

Kelly learned the hard way with Glenn. This is how you trade and dump salary.

Great Trade :thup:

The O line is now no longer a question mark. Great signing!

Now all Obie needs a couple more D linemen and maybe a WR or two and I think the 09 Ti-Cats will shape up to be a much more competitive team.

That and one of Porter or Glenn or Both need to perform.