Good night, Mr. Young
Good night, Mr. Katz
Good night, flirty girl from the cheerleaders
Good night, new guy, Michael or Marcel, or whatever your name is
Good night, Mod who is never there when I need him
Good night, overly friendly security guy, who takes my water
Good night, no one is exactly sure what you do guy - (fill in the blank here) :lol: :roll: :x

No one is exactly sure what you do guy,, of coarse should be Ron Lancaster..... and I hope we don't have to hear his name again next year... at least not in Hamilton..

Good riddance Ti-Cats of's finally over. See you in June.

Smoke9: Great first post! Thanks for your great humour. There hasn't been much to smile about this year.

Keep em coming!

That was a good one. But one thing you might have missed in that reference to that amusing commercial would be saying "good night" to that fan who lingers at IWS and gabs for hours.

And as for who the "nobody knows exactly what you do guy" is? Some might say that would be Reed and Erdman. I'm not sure what they do, but it doesn't seem to be coaching.


Seriously, does anyone want to place any bets on who'll get fired/cut by tomorrow morning?

Good night, Tiger-Cats...

IMO, few significant players will be released
until the new head Coach look at game films.

The coaches contracts will be allowed to run out.
The new H.C. will decide if he wants any of them.

such disrespect is born of ignorance.

Well, I can't imagine any new head coach wanting what was left over from what we had before. But you do have a point when you mention that it's quite possible that they simply won't have their contracts renewed. Still, we are seeing players being released. And that's just the start of what should be an interesting off-season.

Anyway, on the topic of that post that refers to a Holiday Inn commercial. It's quite appropriate that Mr. Katz is in there. Because you may recall that post where it was said that Katz had no experience as a general manger, but spent last night at a Holiday Inn Express.

And you can click here to read that classic post. And on the next page in that thread, you'll see the reward for that post.

Yep.... my brother got to see the Cats' first win of last season because of my brilliance. :wink:

Nicely done, Smoke9

That whole thread is classic, and really rather nostalgic. It's got a little of everything. There's remarkably accurate prophecy:

There's a rare instance of Borehamgirl being unable to find the silver lining:

...The eternal sunshine of the Mikey(03) mind:

...The clockwork-like rebuttals:

...vintage OneMoreDork-ian zingers:

...The wisdom and clarity of the Mighty One:

And, like the Stalinists of yore, blind faith in the "5 Year Plan":

All in all, a rousing good read.

Those were the good old days. :slight_smile:

And it’s only October 27th… :smiley: