Goodnight Irene!

Well even though The Riders look to be adding another TD to make it 32-18.. this game is still more or less over... they need 2 more...

What team does she play for, and what is her Number and position on the team?

Interesting answer!

I have a silly question, why didn't the Riders run Kenton Keith more in the first half? BC had problems with Keith in the past. I can't beleive the Riders coaches gave up on him so early. (Was he injured, or playing hurt?)

Honestly Sportsmen, only the Saskatchewan Roughriders know why he was running more. Maybe it was because BC knew they had to stop him and the Riders tried to out smart them - I really dont know...

Good point. he recently was injured in practice (when Shermar Bracey took over) maybe it was still bothering him.10$ says if we woulda used him balanced throughout the game We would of been on to the grey cup!!! BUT NO DANNY HAD TO BE STUPID AND QUIT ON KENTON.WHAT A LOSER IM GLAD WE HAVE KENT HERE