Goodell: Bills game was a success

While they're looking at the prices, they should also look at getting a better opponent. Buffola and Miami isn't that exciting...

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One can argue whether or not the games were successful, and in certain aspects they
probably were, but a "...totat success", they certainly were not.

He's the Commish. How's it going to look if he doesn't say that? :lol:

He has to put on a good front. Toronto, Canada for that matter, has loads of NFL fans, heck I'm one albeit one who wouldn't pay to go see one in Canada while the CFL is here, but still one. If and they will, reduce the prices a fair bit for the Bills games in Toronto, it'll be a much easier sell. People around Toronto and southern Ontario can go see the Bills in Buffalo for cheap with a better NFL American type experience, why on earth would you go to the RC for an NFL game at high prices is beyond me, the talent of the NFL isn't that much better hardly at all than what we have in the CFL as far as I'm concerned.

Goddell must have been smoking the same stuff that Paul Godfrey does, especially since they gave away thousand of tickets to Rogers employees and the public, and still there were thousands ofempty seats!!!!!!!! :rockin:

It could have been a lot worse, Miami at least surprised people and were a decent team this year, and Buffalo was at least competitive. The 07/08 versions of those teams would have produced 2-0 win by safety!

If Steelers when today ... there be best Team for Huge gate For Rogers..
if they want sink the game to get out of the Deal bring in the lions ..

Goddell can't dictate ticket prices to Rogers, whose spokesman said the Bills games were a success and a sellout. They are paying $9.5M per game to rent the Bills and unless the NFL is willing to kick in some cash, Rogers can charge any ticket prices they want.

Rogers has already pre-sold thousands of tickets at "regular prices" for all the remaining games and would be forced to give refunds to everyone who bought tickets early...the "180,000" lottery winners. This would amount to millions in loses and no business ever wants to give revenue back that's already on the books, especially in these tough times.

rcon, your 100% bang on buddy.
Rogers has taken a financial blood bath with two game combined losses of in excess of $15M.

This is true... I just don't think either team is particularly interesting.

Pittsburgh might be a very good team, but they aren't a very exciting one either.

argotom, true Rogers has lost $15 mill so far? Wow, I knew they lost about $5 mill on the ex game but didn't realize the total was in this range for the 2 games combined!

Yes Earl, initially I heard the same $5M loss for the Xibition game.
However that was an estimate and I read a while back in the falI forget where, but it was in a business section, and I later heard McCown say the same $10M figure. With the latest regular season game losing a minimum $5M.
So the combined figure is regarded as conservative and it could possibly be close or even over $20M.
Wow, good on the Rogers corp.

I wonder if the induction of Ralph Wilson into the hall of fame might have anything effect if his estate, family I guess that doesn't want the team once Ralph passes on, would keep the Bills in Buffalo even if a local US bid is somewhat lower than a bid by Rogers/Tannenbaum, assuming they are still interested in the Bills at that point in time? Might look kind of odd say if Ralph passes on in the next year or two just after being inducted which a large part is about the Buffalo Bills and not just Ralph himself, type of thing.

I am still hearing and reading that there is quite a bit of money in Western New York and under no circumstance will they let the Bills walk to anyone, much less to Toronto interests.
One of the more interesting groups and there are supposedly several includes ex QB Jim Kelly who has put a wealthy consortium together and with the combined wealth that would make the Rogers/Tannenbaum paupers in comparison.
Plus I heard how there is a US Senator from New York who also "will not let it happen".