Goodbye To Mark Kosmos

He was here for one year ('72) but had a strong 15 year career.

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RIP to a great player. You will always be remembered by this life-long (so far at least) Ticat fan. I'm sorry we only had you the one year. At least it was a Grey Cup winning team (which unfortunately has been a rare occurrence since - only 86 and 99).

I remember him as a MLB with Bob Krouse and Mike Blum on the outside. The rest of the starting D were Gary Inskeep (The Innkeeper) and Angelo Wells at DE. Mosca and Bruce Smith (not the Bill) at DT. Lewis Porter and John Williams at CB (they didn't switch back then like they do today for field side and boundary corner). Al Brenner at Middle Safety and Bill Van Burkleo and Rick Shaw at DHB.

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that makes thread number 4 on this topic.

keep em coming :slight_smile:

On THIS board, my friend? If you have a memory of him, why not share it here or point us to where you posted it? All the best!


sorry to say that I do not remember him, but my sympathies just the same.

xref Mark Kosmos RIP

I had posted the article in Ottawa forum yesterday

Mark was a well-known restaurateur, in Ottawa, for many years after his football career. Certainly a winner, he was never on the losing side in a Grey Cup game. He played in it, and won, in his rookie season, in 2 of his first 3 CFL seasons, in 3 of his first 4 with 3 different teams, and in 4 of his first 7.


I watched the 72 Grey Cup the other night . Kosmos and the defence were solid . The 67 D and the 72 Defence were probably #1 and #2 all time for the franchise , Let the debates begin . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the ancient one)