Goodbye Siddeeq, Hello Goo!

Bombers sign Wallace...

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WINNIPEG — He’s got a Super Bowl ring and a hunger for the game and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers believe that makes Rian "Goo" Wallace a legit prospect to replace Siddeeq Shabazz in their linebacking corps.

Wallace (6-3, 243, Temple) joins the Bombers after spending last season with the New York Sentinels of the United Football League. The 27-year-old Pottstown, Pa., product was originally selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fifth round of the 2005 NFL Draft and was a member of their Super Bowl XL championship victory over the Seattle Seahawks in 2006 as a rookie.

Wallace moved to the Washington Redskins in 2008 but was hampered by a shoulder injury and spent the season on injured reserve.

"I am excited," Wallace told The Mercury newspaper in his hometown of Pottstown. "This is the Blue Bombers’ 80th year in the Canadian Football League, they have a prominent franchise out there, so I’m very excited. I had a pretty good year in the UFL last year and I’m still chasing my dream to play professionally in the United States again.

"There were some people that thought I can take my game to Canada to hone my skills even more as a pass rusher to try to come back to the NFL. So we’re going to try Canada for a year."

Wallace — nicknamed "Goo" as an infant by his older brother — started 29 games at Temple and was a two-time (2003-04) All-Big East all-star and registered 192 solo tackles with the Owls.

......Nice signing........I hope he sticks like goo'......both on the roster and on the opposition.....Mack is diggin up some pretty good prospects..... and it looks like tc. is going to be a very interesting place to be in 2010... :thup:

It is...can't wait...

Nothin' better in June than sittin' in the sun with a timmy's on a Saturday morning watching training camp!

I agree that this guy could be the real deal, played NFL, won a championship and his numbers at Temple are almost unheard of, another great signing by Mack, now how long will it be until the trolls come and knock this guy? even though they know squat about him, just like us but his stats and attitude proves he can play at a high level, so this is probably why they let Shabazz go, "goo" is 2 years younger and has a more upside then Shabazz and probably will not make the near $100K Shabazz was making.

Like i said before Shabazz and Lenny and Gavin Walls are all easily replaceable, now trolls hear me out I AM NOT SAYING THIS GUY IS THE NEXT BIG SUPERSTAR, but could easily be a better player than Shabazz was and we will soon see, the more we sign the better we are looking and if i was a betting man i would say that OUR BOMBERS can very well be a dark horse in the East this season, I can sense Cat/Argo and even Als fans are a little scared of this group we have and rightfully so!!


I agree 100% Kubie, can't wait until TC and a Timmy's on a Saturday morn is the norm for me, now sitting in the stands at canadinns in June will add more excitement to my Saturday mornings. The weather is here, now we just need football season to roll around quick!! :rockin:

Our first Pre season game is June 13th, now correct me if i am wrong but shouldn't Training camp begin in late May?

Even if it isn't we are just over 1 month away from TC ...... awesome

Correct me if i'm wrong but i believe rookie camps begin June 2nd and the real thing begins June 6th.

'Hone his skills as a pass rusher' ????

Wonder what they have in mind for him ?

Maybe as a DE?

In today's game, 6'3" and 243 lbs. is big for a CFL LB that does not play in the middle. In terms of height and weight he's quite similar to John Chick, who is 6'3" and about 250.

I'm not quite sure how Goo is going to replace an outside linebacker but Yay!

maybe he plays middle linebacker up in canada. looking at samario houston and chad nkang's height and size, these 2 are more than likely the guys who will be the guys who will fill shabazz's spot. id suspect a few more signings b4 main camp too tho, im looking for some db's and a couple more linebackers still to come. Any word on who did well at our tryouts? i hear theres a few more signings to come, any names? lol.

No way in H this guy lines up at WIL or SAM. DE makes the most sense, or MAC, maybe even a 3-4 specialist. He played WIL in the NFL for the Steelers, but that is a completely different kettle of fish than the CFL.

heck maybe we plan on running a 3/4 defense this year.. kavis reed is a student of rich stubler.. so i suppose we could be, just throwin that out there.. but at the same time.. just because the guy is bigger than your avg cfl linebacker doesnt mean he isnt as good or better so hard to say. gotta just i guess put him where he feels most comfortable.. id suspect linebacker of some kind but like i said, WHO Really knows what type of d we will be running this year.

Your absolutely right about Reed and the 34 defense, and that thought scares me.

That D comes in and out of favor every decade or so. It’s fairly popular in the NFL at the moment, but has never been as prevalent in the CFL. To run a good 3-4 you need two things the CFL generally does not employ a lot of:

  • a space-eating noseguard (think Jerome Hayward, plus 6 inches and 30 pounds)

  • a good 5 technique DT.

While not to say it can’t happen, in our game, those mammoth noseguards are sometimes found too slow - we have more space, even in the interior of the lines than they do in US ball. Plus, most of our DE’s (in a 4-3 set) are basically rush ends, who’s #1 responsibility is QB pressure, and their natural style of play are 8 or 9 technique guys - rushing wide around the offensive ends (tackles or TE’s). They are often too small or ill-suited for the 5 technique role required of them in a 3-4, which is more of forcing and taking on double teams, so LB’s can apply the QB pressure.

That’s why it’s hard to switch to a true 3-4 - you’re not just subbing out a DT and plugging in another LB, your 3 D-linemen are really all different body and skill types than you’d run in a 4-3.

I agree for once Artie... hoever, we have very big, fast DE's here in Willis and Hunt.. both are 6'2 260... Willis being 265

We also have one of the Leagues Best in Doug Brown in the middle... However, I hope we dont run a 3/4... We no longer have the personnel at MLB to run and effective 3/4 IMO...

However, I really really like this signing... we definately need Depth behind Lobo...

as for Shabaaz Spot... My prediction is Chad Nkang to start there... Henti Baird will probably make it on the roster

Is it Just me or does it seem like every signing Mack has made so far, really seems like they have a Legit shot to make the roster... we're not seeing much TCF this year, not like the previous two regimes

Main difference I'm seeing is guys being brought in this year have had a cup of coffee or more in the NFL instead of Northwest colleges. Makes sense when you look where Mack's connections are. Overall Mack and Lapolice have been textbook so far. They came in a tough situation and have quietly been addressing most of the issues. Looks very promising.

By this time last year The Professor was already well into his third or fourth crisis. So, on behalf of Rider fans everywhere, you're welcome.

couldnt have said it better.

im not gonna brag up this signing, but they are digging up guys that have had good college careers and played some pro ball... not just shot in the dark guys for the most part, they are slowly bringing in talent at all of our need positions.. which is all we can ask, will any of these guys be stars? who knows. but its lookign like a good number will be pushing for roster spots.

new staff is making moves and doing all they can to right a troubled ship... we may have to suck up and deal with a few painful cuts (shabazz, walls) but so far it looks like they are building up this team prety well for the future with new younger prospects, rather than average cfl vets

I like it... No bravado showing a lack of confidence, no cliche one liners picked up god knows where. Just quiet humble hard work...

They have their work cut out for them, two straight years of decline and cap trouble, not a nice situation to be handed.