Goodbye Rob Hitchcock

Tiger Cat fans,
I watched the game yesterday, and I am glad you won. You have stuck with this team through the bad and, next year, will be the good. With the nucleus set up, you will be fine. On another note, I watched Rob Hitchcock leave the field in tears last night, and I have to say that I had a couple of tears also. For the Cats not to give this guy a chance to dress and say goodbye in his own way is absolutely wrong. Rob, if you read this, thanks for the memories, the hits, and the class. The league is really losing a great player. To the Tiger cat fans, my hat is off to you!! I am a rider fan first, but a Tiger cat fan second. Good luck next year.

Here here,

I agree. Hitch, Mr. Macaroni and Flick should have been here this year to help continue the tradition. Montfort the previous. As much as it is heartwarming to see the Cats organization recognizing the Grey Cup Champs of yesteryear, does it really influence many of the current Cats ???

Perhaps tomorrows Marcel defrocking is the result of how well the Ticats of the West have done. If we had the cap to sign Printers, we had the cap not to have Flick flucked from our presence.

my tu-pence