Goodbye Printers / Hello Porter & Tafralis

Good Smart QB'S and willing to listen to Danny Mac. Keep them.

I agree 110%.

I was a Printers supporter for a while. He made some great plays, however, they were all runs. Every great play he made was a scramble. He's brutal at throwing the ball to open recievers. His stats today were terrible. Send him packing. Williams, too. I am NOT sold on him at all.

Printers looks like a player who has never played in the CFL before while Porter Tafralis and Randall look like they are the ones with much more experience.

I was a Printers supporter and was excited when he got here but...

IMO Printer has looked like a rookie since he got here. He really makes me think that it wasn't him in B.C. but the team that he played on.

Here are the 2008 season passing stats of the Ticat quarterbacks as per

Porter- 118/177, 66.7% completion rate, 1496 yards, 10 TDs, 4 interceptions, QB rating 102.3
Tafralis- 20/39, 51.3% completion rate, 268 yards, 3 TDs, 1 interception, QB rating 88.4
Williams- 60/100, 60.0% completion rate, 984 yards, 3 TDs, 5 interceptions, QB rating 82.3
Printers- 124/223, 55.6% completion rate, 1693 yards, 5 TDs, 10 interceptions, QB rating 68.8

By the way, here are the 2008 season rushing stats of the Ticat tailbacks as per
Lumsden- 87/564, 6.7 yards per carry, 5 TDs, 1 fumble
Caulley- 66/448, 6.8 yards per carry, 6 TDs, 0 fumbles
T. Smith- 65/430, 6.4 yards per carry, 2 TDs, 6 fumbles
Keith- 58/204, 3.5 yards per carry, 0 TDs, 0 fumbles
J. Williams- 5/29, 5.8 yards per carry, 0 TDs, 0 fumbles

Printers seems to have lost his accuracy, same with Trafralis, who has not impressed me that much, he throws too many lousy passes, same with Printers.

Didn't see anything that cements Trafalis on the roster. An invite to camp but nothing beyond that.

Obie needs to sit down with Casey, his agent, posse, whomever, and negotiate. Either take a paycut (like fifty percent) or get cut.

I dont care what people think about my opinion but I think Printers problem is in his mechanics . I think it is all in the way he releases the ball , if this is cleaned up he wont have problems with the short pass which has been his downfall the whole season . His long passes are fine, all he needs is the recievers to learn that when he breaks containment they have to break deep and I think he would be successful . He made a carreer in BC on the long pass when he was scrambling outside the DE . Geroy Simon made a carreer year on breaking deep and catching easy passes deep down field !!!!


That is true.

But something has definitely happened between 2004 and now.

I hope we keep him and have a QB battle next June.

I do too and i`m sure Printers wouldnt want it any other way !!!

Well said. Im not impressed.

He Still Played Better then Casey .
I See our Depth this way next year going into Camp
(1) Porter
(2) Willams
(3) Trafalis
(4) ?

Printers Cut..

Williams and Pprinters both have poor throwing mechanics. For reasons unknown Printers does not have the same fluid passing mechanics that Porter has. Printers guns each pass - and most of his short passes are low. It also appears Printers does not set his feet correctly and whatever bad habit he has picked up from 2004 to now - it is just not working. If he has any chance of being part of the roster in 2009 - he may want to re-design his trowing mechanics and learn how to read a defence.

I have to agree that Printers mechanics look could be because he is rushed in his delivery due to lack of protection...or he may have just lost his confidence somewhere between Kansas City and his return to the CFL.....i for one wouldnt release him just yet.....of course if a another team offered me something useful for him I would but if not i would have back in camp under a restructured contract....posibly one bonus laden with performance incentives....i.e so much more if you win the starting job....if the team makes the playoffs as you the startre...touchdown passes etc....Casey is a gifted athlete and its hard to evaluated how good or bad he is at the meoment when the surronding cast is not the best either i.e the offensive line and passs blocking.......however i will agree with most the Porter is the better Qb at the moment.

When comparing the quaterbacks…

… Steam Boats…Vision…Team Respect… Speed … Poise …Happy feet …Reactiom to failure

Printers … 4-5… Poor …Low …Good… No …Yes… Poor

Porter …3-4 …Good…Good …Good…Yes…No …Calm as Danny Mac

Williams…3-4…Good…Excellant… Excellant…50/50…Yes…Good upbeat

Tafralis … 2-4…?..?..Best of the 4…Yes…?..?..

Seems too slow in his thinking process and locks onto his receiver. Perhaps the B.C. offensive line and receivers gave him those extra “steam boats” that he needed to settle and complete passes. A young team like Hamilton needs someone who is quicker on the draw. Printers also has in my opinion a poor response to failed plays. He’s always looking to the heavens in a “why me Lord” reaction. After a while teammates get tired of this. He is a fair QB who will do ok on a solid team.

Has exceptional poise for a young QB. As he plays more the game will slow down for him allowing him to make better plays which will help him make quicker passes. Because he is young he can be molded better than Printers.

A good hearted guy who unfortunately lacks the proper throwing mechanics. His side arm throws are in a way “Hail Mary’s.” He has a tendency to run too often. I like Williams but would he be happy as a backup?

Is the quickest releasing QB. Is the fastest on his feet. This guy is an unknown but could prove to be a starter. It is too early to tell. He needs some seasoning. Could be the diamond in the rough.

I think Casey Printers has a NFL hangover. He got a raw deal from Herman Williams, who also shafted Ricky Ray when he coached him with the Jets. Printers must be looking at the KC Chiefs QB situation & wishing he was the answer there. Printers just looks wrong. He throws the fastball every time & never has any touch on his passes. It's clear he needs a fresh start & get his mind right....kinda like when Calvillo got cut by Lancaster & resurrected his career by being Tracy Ham's backup in Montreal. Montreal might be a good fit for Printers. He can be Calvillo's backup next year and take over their team when AC retires. Hamilton will be fine without him going forward, with Porter, Trafalis, Williams and a new rookie QB. With the money saved on Printers contract, Hamilton can make a serious run at resigning Lumsden & upgrading both lines. Peace.