Goodbye Marcel

Finally he’s gone…We all knew the Montreal win was lucky with alot of small mistakes by the Hamilton’s coaching crew that we got away with…but with a totally unprepared coached team we all knew the Cats didn’t have a chance against Winnipeg…everyone that knows anything about football knew that you had to blitz…blitz…blitz a quarterback like Pierce…and run our quarterback (maybe practice the hookslide) if we had a good one…Goodbye ,Goodbye Marcel…after over 50 years being a fan I am close to giving up…but at least I can look forward to a complete new coaching staff…thank God!!!

Good bye or good riddance ?

I HOPE MB is back next year... at least if 50% of you clowns who said they have had enough of his coaching staff and will not be back DON'T come back.. .this place will be far better off without guys ONLY show up with a loss.... you friggen bandwagoners!!!

agree 100% HTD. These guys are arm chair QB's and its easy to criticize, but have no solutions for the change.

You noticed that too, eh? It’s funny looking at the game thread, then suddenly seeing a bunch of names I don’t recognize as the game wound down…

Not sure if turfing MB is the answer. Defensive issues are huge for sure and still not sold on Glenn/Porter combo.

Way too much teasing the Ti-Cat fans with the Jekyl and Hyde .500 seasons. Hope they take good strides to solve their issues in the off season.

If you strip away the post game emotions, it makes sense that Marcel has to go. This up and down season and the historical record and history of messing up in the playoffs cannot alwayw be put on the players. The players are young and full of promise, and with the exception of several, there is a nucleus. However, Marcel took a risk with a rookie offensive coordinator in Khari as he was buds with Glenn, and that failed miserably. Marcel took a risk with a rookie defensive coordinator in Chamblin, and quite frankly, the defensive performance was worse than Marshall's less talented squads of the past.

Sorry, no time for on the job training so the coordinatora have to go also.

Whoever the new coach will be , he will be inheriting a decent group of young players. However, key will be a QB and that is a whole other thread.

critique and dissection are perfectly fine modes of scrutiny and analysis, in order for change and improvement to take place.
That being said, abandoning the team is not the resolution to the Cats' ills.

Management needs to step back and instill the necessary changes for the betterment of this team, not withstanding nepotism and cronyism especially.

Staying with the status quo will result in the status quo.

Changes ARE necessary.

I hate arrogance on sports message boards… If you don’t have 10k posts you obviously are a troll and not a real fan.
Maybe some watch the game with friends during the game ator even goto the game) and don’t have time until AFTER the game to get on here and actually discuss/complain?? But of course they’re trolls. Not real fans. Status quo! Good enough! No criticisms allowed! You’re not a real fan!

No one called anybody a troll.. but if you are only seen here after a LOSS and never show up after a win... it is what it is.. don't want to be labelled a bandwagoner on here.. show up more often than just after a loss... no way you can convince me you don't have time after a win but do after a loss....

I said stay Quite till Season is done
I gave my word and kept it..

:thup: I agree he should be gone .. I go after Tressman if he is gone..

But He beat Montreal so I think cats will Stand Pat and keep Marcel

so I'll stay home by the way The DETROIT LIONS WON !!!

I wish The cats the best of luck next year I'll watch from home..

I think Hamilton should have thrown it down the field more today, but that's on Khari Jones, not Buellefille. Hamilton has arguably gotten better every year Bellefuelle has been head coach. Let's continue building the team up with him in charge. But I do think we need to turn the page on Glenn, and get some quality QB's to compete with Porter and Boltus in TC next year.

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ya 7 and 9 and out again a Lucky win in Montreal and no grey cup..

He proved under him the cats are Inconstant

It not the players it's The coaching Staff that needs to be Change but your right Bruce it won't happen.
Hamilton like being just a good team and not a great one.
I watch from home next year

You know we are better than last year. A young team, like ours, will not play their best when it counts. If anything what we need is more veteran leadership (by signing more players like deuces).

Oh and new co-coordinators wouldn't hurt either. :wink:

7 plus 9 equals 16. What about the other 2 games? Oh yeah, I forgot you are "NFL boy" and their season is only 16 games. :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am talking Reg Season ..

they still lost today Hamilton is a Jackle and hyde Team

ummm. The CFL season is 18 games not 16. :roll: :roll: :roll:

so my math sucks They Still lost :lol:
there out gone over

They need to make changes.. with the coaching staff..

Really guys?

Marcel got us further this year then last year with a completely new, rookie coaching staff. This loss wasn't a blowout, as we kept them within 10 for nearly the entire game. The team has improved and will continue to improve, we just need to make sure it improves beyond the rest of the CFL. I'm much more inclined to trust in management on this one, then to shrilly cry out for Marcel's dismissal.