Goodbye Landsdowne Park and Ottawa football?

Good old Mayor Larry O'Brien of Ottawa wants to bulldoze Landsdowne it seems in speaking to Ottawa business leaders this week...

"He said an announcement was due soon on expansion plans for the Ottawa Congress Centre, and said he hoped to move forward, by 2010 at the latest, on a plan for "a waste of prime real estate" he called Lansdowne Park, without providing much detail for either facility.

"It could be the 40-acre gem in the heart of our city," he said about the old home of the Ottawa Renegades CFL team. "However today, it is best described as Ottawa's largest parking lot with a few buildings, a heritage building and a '60s era sports stadium."

You may have come across it by now, but that's only a portion of his statement. The part following that one doesn't come off as so doom and gloom.

I personally haven't a single thing about condos being built there since the team was "suspended".

I thought that was a long time Ago?

wait... wrong mayor. lol From Wiki
"In the late 1990's, the stadium was threatened with demolition when then-mayor Jim Watson led a drive by the municipal government to allow a private developer to reconfigure Lansdowne Park. The proposals submitted all called for residences to be built on the site of the football stadium. Massive public opposition and the realization that the end of the stadium would mean the end of hopes to return CFL football to the capital led the regional government to step in and end the scheme."

It seems the CFL is moving into some 9th City Soon, likely to be announced either at the Draft or CFL kick-off time, possible but unlikely to be delayed until greycup.

It does seem to say it on the CFL website.

It does? Where?

I want to know also

Read this:

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It was pointed out in a different thread.
You must read the end specificly, it does seem to say the CFL is in 9 canadian Cities.

It's for the same reason that the Ottawa Renegades logo still appears at the top of the forum page - technically speaking, Ottawa still "exists".....the operations were suspended, so it's technically not the same as the team folding.....

Sure it is. "Suspended" just sounds better in a press release. It gives the impression that there's no doubt they're returning.

I could be wrong, but I believe that any trace of Renegades equipment is gone. The new owner is getting an entirely new team, not reviving an existing one.

The point, CRF, was to show the reasoning behind that article barnes linked to stating the CFL operated in nine cities nation-wide.....

Why would they want the old team back?
Going to Camp with 8 young CFL vets(27-28 years old) and the rest of the team CFL rookies sounds like a solid plan.(all 25 or younger)

Along with Starting more then the min Requirement for NI's like 10-12, so that the Team will have a solid Fondation of Canadian Talent.
Giving the new Ottawa team 14 Draft picks(2 per round with 3 in the second and 3rd rounds)
Would also help in building a solid Canadian Base.
Trying to get more Canadian players then required on that first year roster(like 25 on the dressed and 27 on the active roster)

The team could very well go 0-18 the first year, but the goal is so in year to the team gets 7-8 wins.
and year three 8-9 wins.

I know, I was the one who first posted that a couple of weeks ago. I was commenting on the point about the team only being suspended.

they didn't have that part until recently though, and they've since removed it. Make of that what you will.

He wouldn't. I'm just commenting on what was said about the team being technicaly just suspended.

It isn't. It's folded. "Suspended" was just a nicer word to use.

I dunno, suspended can mean suspended. Like the st.Johns Flames of the AHL who are now the ak-sar-ben Knights.

It is basicly a PR term. But Still still the CFL is 'currenlty in 9 cities'

although a 10th team will be hard to get(stadium needed)

But Expansion can be looked at now considering the Position the CFL is in now.
Successful expansion would be great(to Ottawa) then build off that, but step by Step so First up is 2007 and the SMS
2008 and Ottawa
2009 or 2010 Bombers move into new Digs.
2011 TSN Deal(hopefully an increase to 50M a year, 50% of the current NHL deal)
Also 2010-2012 announcement of a new Team in Halifax/Quebec(Starts playing by 2013 hopefully)
all, hopefully