Goodbye Jenkins, and good riddance!

[i]Unbelievable. Ventrell Jenkins was arrested because he brutally beat up his girlfriend :roll:

[url=] ... -arrested/[/url]

That's it. He ain't coming back to Montreal. Johnny don't wan't this kind of dude on his team, or in his city. :thdn:

Terrible. No place for him on this team. I hope the woman makes a full recovery.

I`m sure Richard will be reporting shortly after the end of the season that Jenkins name no longer appears on the Als roster. No place for something like that. Far more serious than the Emry brain cramp.

Could be off the roster/9 game injury list soon; definitely not long after November 25,2012,if not sooner.

Unfortunate and I do hope that the Lady recovers soon. Good luck to Her.

The Als or any other Team don't need such a player.


Emry's transgressions have always been on the field. Very, very different from domestic violence, for which I have absolutely no tolerance. If anyone on this team is found to be a perpetrator of domestic violence, he has no place on the team IMO, regardless of whether he's a CFL rookie or a future Hall of Famer.

This is so terribly sad. She could have easily been killed. We'll never see him again.

My goodness, that's awful. I don't care how productive a player is on the field; if this is what he's like off the field, I don't want him anywhere near the team, or even anywhere near the city of Montreal.

Here's hoping the woman has a full and speedy recovery. Wishing her the best.


Coach Trestman on RDS playing the protective, innocent until proven guilty card with Jenkins.

I understand what Trestman is doing, and in principle I agree with him, but Jenkins had to be tasered off the woman, who is in intensive care. It's very difficult to see how Jenkins is innocent in anything but the legal sense at this stage in the process.

Coach has a law degree. I think its understandable that he stands up for the rights of an individual to the presumption of innocence.

This just gets worse the more facts come out: ... 48181.html

Very, very sad... That's serious mental illness. Someone is going to spend a few years in the big house or the other house.

Jenkins had beaten her to the point where she was not immediately recognizable when the police came in the door. I just hope she makes a full recovery. :frowning: