Goodbye Ivor Wynne

Pretty good.

Die-hard fans for sure.


Sad to see it go, walk bye it on the escarpment here on the way to work and back from time to time, iconic in so many senses. Sad thing is, as someone who wasn't born and raised in Hamilton, I see the stadium in this light than many who were born and raised in this city.

Hamilton, as much as I've come to love it and cherish it, is weird and soulless in so many ways, and without heart.

Some of my best memories of Ivor Wynne oddly enough weren't even actually at the stadium, but coming home from my Oma's after a holiday like Chirstmas or Easter and trying to find Ivor Wynne from the car Window while we went up the Sherman Access from her house. The odd the things we remember.

One of the best stadiums I've ever watched a game, if not the best !

A lot of History but it is time to modernize the facility. There has been a lot of talk that good coaches have come to Hamilton and fail. Perhaps some had to do with the aging facility that is no longer up to pro standards. New younger fans may much more interested to coming to a pro standard facility with modern seating, Sponsors with luxury suites, and proper locker room facilities