...goodbye Glenn

…another back-up performance by a no 2. qb. , pretending to be a no 1. I hope we get rid of this turkey for 09…What a disappointment he is…Goodbye Glenn …don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out…Brutal performance by a qb. whose career is done in the Peg…Three good plays in a game WON’T get it done…Kevin Glenn goodbye… :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: bring someone else to camp Taman or you’ll languish in the basement forever…AND WE SAID THAT AT THE BEGINNING OF 08…why is it the fans can see it …yet Berry and Taman keep beating a dead-horse…SO long to 08…thanx Kevin…for nothing… :thdn:

I agree, a pathetic performance, but not only by Glenn. The coaching staff has made bad decisions all year long and this game was no exception. I've seen more imaginative offence on the playground!! We need a quarterback that can have more than one good season, and we need a new coaching staff as well. Time for some major changes, because this setup is not working AT ALL!!!! :x

THANK YOU! I have always thought Glenn hasn't been a starter since khari Jones, and ever since our first win against Calgary where Glenn DIDNT play I though he should have been number 2. I dont care who it is. I would really like to see Dinwiddie start in 09 but, ANYONE BUT GLENN!!! Get rid of him already.

....NO IMAGINATION IS RIGHT.....when was the last time Bombers even attempted to block a punt....never mind actually block one....no fakes or deception plays....a peewee coach could come up with better....The coaching on this club has to be changed.... :thdn:we were out-coached by a 'goomer' ...how embarassing is that... :roll: :oops:

Hey papa...how bout we give you Bishop for Glenn? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a better deal. How about Taman for Tillman. :rockin: :cowboy:

It just to bad that wth the contract extension we gotta deal with for another year yet. BUt think it this way. you Randall number 2 to work under glenn and the bring him in 2010 when he has a much larger understanding for the game. until then glen is still number in bomber land.

Agreed, the Glenn experience should be over. Defense and special teams put him in a position to win the game and he couldn't deliver. He's had his kick at the can, time to move on.

But, the changes on offense need to go farther than that. They need to build an offense around a mobile QB like Randall, who has all the attributes to be a great one. The running game is fine with Reid and Smith, but we have to get a more speed oriented offense going, with Bryant, Armstead and McGahee involved. Edwards and Armstrong could be possession receivers in the slots.

edwards is to me the best reciever we got now the stegall will be leaving. him and bryant should be the deep threats. smith has to be the go to back in my eyes. running over a defense instead of through on is a much more productivewayu to wear them down and take advantage.

Agreed that Glenn has played his last game as a Bomber.

Definately time for a new OC and new system on offense. I don't think we have to change too many players on that side of the ball, maybe just the QB. But the QB MUST change for next season. Glenn can't get it done...

I bet if you threw in Troy Westwood, the Riders would jump at that deal! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Say, how about this, a four-way trade?

Hamilton sends Printers to Toronto; Toronto sends Joseph to Winnipeg; Winnipeg sends Glenn to Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan sends to Hamilton................????

Actually Madjack, thats not a bad four way deal. Maybe an Offensive Lineman to Hamilton?

Geez Madjack, with creative thinking like that you may get a GM offer one day! :wink:

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sportsmen, but I don't plan on holding my breath!!

.....a little bird told me that the Bombers 'might' take a shot at Darian Durant....waving some cash under his nose even though he has said he'd like to remain in Riderville.... I know the BigBlue would like a qb. with experience so I can see Taman having a good look at Printers ...but not for the big money he signed for in the hammer...More like T.O. will sign him...leaving Joseph out in the cold and moving on....Hamilton really needs someone with Josephs experience and to lead their young guns....he could land there.... also I have a hunch that Glenn will leave the Peg and Tilman might give him a shot in Regina...or they might try and pry Jarious Jackson out of the leos den...Should be an interesting off-season... :wink:

Tilman already has a contract drawn up for Durant to sign. They have spoken already this week. I expect an anouncement within 48 hours. Bishop, by the way has already been placed on waviers.

The only guy the Bombers can get that might be better than Glenn next year is Dinwiddie. Of the names I've seen in here, Printers is worse (although at least he's mobile), Durant is going to re-sign and either way he's only started a few games, I don't know that he's any better, Bishop is terrible and Jarious Jackson is slightly smarter, but just as inaccurate, as Bishop. Joseph would be nice but I sincerely doubt he's going anywhere.

I'm not saying Glenn's a great QB, but I'd be surprised if we're starting someone else next year.

i most definatley do not want kerry joseph on my team. he again came out all season and proved he not a worth while qb. more ints the tds. sorry keving glenn can do that for me any day because we don;t have to pay him 400,000 a season.

....so if Durant isn't signed in 48 hrs.....that would be by Thurs. at the latest ....the door is still open for him to move on....Tilman must be offering him a bucket full of cash to convince Durant the Riders are the only option....Never know though ....we'll see... :wink:

i would loike to see durant on the bombers. i like the idea of having developing qbs. he has good game management and can win footballs when he has to. pretty sound qb as far as i have seen. much more so then glenn, joseph, or bishop