Goodbye from the team a Look back.

Back at the end of this past Season
I Spoke and Interviewed a Few Staff Members and Players before the last game vs Edmonton.

I have Decided to Re posted those Interviews Today.
Some of The people I Interviewed are all ready Gone
Craig Smith Marcel .

Some may not be here very soon.

I wanted People to see this
Cause it tells us a lot about the people behind the helmets and Pads.

May those who have left the fold find a new home.
May Those who stay Bring us back to Prominence
Go Ticats!!!!

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Great job!

Thanks for getting the players
to speak directly to us fans, Tom.

Interviewing them on video
is especially effective.

The players were very subdued.

I could see in their body language
and hear by the tone of their voices

how disappointed they felt
letting us Ticat fans down.

Nice work during a very trying 2007 season Tom!

Happy Holidays!