Goodbye for now

OK, Guys, I'm heading of to NYC tommorow and then after that I'm going to be packing and getting ready to go back to College (I have all ready begen, that the reason I haven't been on recently), so I don't know how long I be off line but I try and get back as soon as I can. I keeping watching CFL games when and if I get the chance.

See ya later!, au rivar!, for now...

Kanga-Kucha Out!

So KJ is with the Cats now, is he? Well that changes my future QB prediction a little.

Lions: Dickenson
Edmonton: Ray
Calgary: Burris
Saskatchewan: Green
Winnipeg: Glenn or Wayne
Ottawa: Joseph
Toronto: Maas
Hamilton: Jones
Montreal: A.C.
Atlantic: Michna

later Kanga have a safe trip

have a good time, dont fail

OH! before I sign off compietly, I want to update you guys on my Jersey that got damaged by pen marks, Well, I tried to remove them but I faild and my mom boght me another 2004 Winnipeg home jersey to replace the fallen one, and now I'm going to use the fallen one as an autogaraph book when I see the Blue Bombers in 2010 and I also think of it as my Winnipeg "Thrid" jersey (I really don't like Third jerseys unless they are throwbacks of fomer ones).

So evenything has worked out in it's cooky way. I wanted to tell you guys this, a story of a crazy but devoted CFL fan!!! 8)

…so long KK, don’t eat the yellow snow…


See ya KK.
Happy Learnin'.

Remember on your essays to use SPELL CHECK KK.

have fun ! :slight_smile:

TAKE CARE KK...... the BOMBERS are gonna miss ya and sure will look forward to your return.... for your posts and support.... gawd knows they need it .......good-luck with your jersey predicament...and pass those exams....see ya' and:so long for now. :arrow:

Good luck KK and so long for now. Or as you say "au rivar". Hey it's good to know you spell bad in two lanquages. Just kidding KK. Take care. :wink:

See ya KK. Chances are you won't be too confused when you come back, as the Blue Bombers should still rank where they are now! :wink:

Take it easy dude.

They got spelling 101 at that junior college? And you've just insulted every bilingual m-f'er on this board with "au rivar"...god help us all.

They have an "expansion" course at that juco?