Goodbye, for now, Ricky Williams

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Ricky Williams admitted it will be difficult to say so long to the CFL and his Argos teammates.

At least the goodbyes don't necessarily have to be forever, should the NFL star have the desire to return.

Argos president Keith Pelley said last night that Williams will return to the Miami Dolphins next season, as he is contractually obligated to do.

But Pelley is hopeful Williams' year in Double Blue was enjoyable enough for the 29-year-old to consider a return before his playing days are done.

"I certainly gave him an open invitation to come back here when he is finished in the NFL," Pelley said amid the gloom of the Argos post-game dressing room after a 33-24 loss to the Montreal Alouettes in the CFL East final.

"If he plays two or three years down there, hopefully he'll come back up and end his career in the CFL. I think he is very open to that."

Williams, who was unable to live up to some of the outlandish on-field expectations heaped on him, spoke highly of his experience here.

"The biggest disappointment for me is I'm not going to be around my teammates any more," said Williams, who had 91 yards of combined offence yesterday but coughed up just his second fumble of the year on a crucial third-quarter blunder.

"For the first time in my career, I bonded with my teammates and I'm not ready to leave them."

Williams said the way in which his teammates accepted him, helped him develop as a person and a player.

"The were accepting to me and they allowed me to develop my leadership skills and to be one of the guys," said Williams, who failed to have a 100-yard rushing game. "Most definitely I grew as a player. I grew a lot."

Williams' two-yard TD run yesterday was just his third in 13 games as an Argo.

But Toronto coach Mike (Pinball) Clemons said the former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL rushing champion's contributions can be measured in other ways.

"He has a generous spirit. He gives everything he has when he is on the football field," Clemons said. "I never thought I would see a $5-million tailback come to the CFL in his prime and graciously and excitedly be a blocking back when asked."

I'm a big supporter of Ricky and I hope he does come back to the CFL.

Yeah for all my pre-season hopes he would fail up here, I definitely have come to respect the way Williams carried himself and showed respect to the Argonauts, Toronto & the CFL..

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Easy to miss Ricky. Not just for his play but his take on life.
I don't usually watch the NFL but I'll probably watch him with Miami next year. Good Luck Ricky and thanks.