Goodbye Fields?

Whats the concensus should we keep him after this game or not?

Personally I like the guy and last year he was one of our biggest playmakers in the secondary. Every now and then these DBs have a bad game.

He was raped on every play.....absolutely horrible...

he's an outstanding backup

does anyone know when Evans will be back?

Im doubting this week against edmonton cause its a short week although his status is only week to week. I think by the 28th against Hamilton he will be 100% healthy.

Fields is good for depth, Lets keep him Taman!

...i am more worried about AJ 3...sticking around than Fields...he sure hasn't done anything to impress me....maybe his game is gone...Then again...maybe the 'return' game is gone because of the overly enforcement of the blocking rules on punts...dunno.....dosen't seem anyone in the league is having a good year at the part of the game...maybe the league has to revisit the new rules.. :roll: :roll:

i would also say the same thing. I wondered why the whole game AJ3 was still returning kicks, we he did nothing, and basically gave MTL a TD for missing the ball that one play. I also think will Fields should be done, MTL was smart to attack him, because he played horrible. He gave up a long pass the first play for MTL, and then took 2 pass interferences becuase he couldnt keep up with the MTL reciever...DISGUSTING!

yeah, he wasn't that good yesterday, but every db has days like that. one or 2 more though, and he shud be gone. let's hope he learned something from yesterday!

Omar will not go against the Esks, but neither will Fields......Robert Bean gets a shot, another well rested body into the line up, good move coach....

Old news! Fields will be dressed, and bean wont see much action.

no pokeys see....

Michna will replace Mike Quinn (sternum), while cornerback William Fields, defensive tackles Dante Booker and Martin Lapostolle and safety John Sullivan are healthy scratches. Omar Evans (groin) will be replaced by Robert Bean. Defensive tackle Ron Warner and offensive linemen Mike Abou-Mechrek and Marc Parenteau will also return to action.

Were looking pretty loaded at DB in terms of depth. Evans, Samuels, Malveaux, Malbrough, Bean, Fulbright, Fields. 7 guys there only 4 spots, Good chance Fields will be cut some time during this season unless he finds his way into the lineup again and plays good somewhere along the line.

keep him definatly…

I'm with you. We need someone who can average more than 5.9 yds/return. (Old stat. Haven't checked this week.)

...Bombers cut Fields today.....probably making room for someone else on the roster.....hmmmm who could that someone be.....i think Fields played himself off the club....we have a lot of depth now...and he became dispensable...that's pro-ball... :o

Well I liked the guy and I still think he has some football left in him, but it is a good cut nonetheless considering the good depth we have at CB.