Goodbye CFL

I have been a fan of the CFL for the last three decades. I now close the book on this league until I get confirmation that Ottawa has reentered the league officialy. I am no longer a CFL fan.

I will continue watching football via the NFL, Arena Footbal, NFL Europa... but mainly will be attending/cheering and spending money on CIS football.
Time to move on.... Thanks for the last three decades. But to me, the CFL is now non-existent. No TV, no more buying jerseys, golf shirts, no reading about it in the news, no longer any interest. But my passion for football continues...


Hmmm, so you'll watch the NFL, CIS and all other football but not the CFL because the CFL "screwed Ottawa." Whatever you say, go for it man.

Don’t worry, I will

The CFL doesn't need Ottawa and I don't need the CFL.

And I don't need to go to Ottawa for any reason as well to be honest. Nice to take my kids, if I had any, to the beautiful museums there but other choices and other cities to visit and spend my money.
Hey, we don't need anyone afterall, where did I hear this recently? :wink:

Is it the CFL Fauit The lands are worth more as Condos then as Football Stadium ??

Blame Your Local Goverment. for that .
They Chased Owners off with the Cost to Renting the Stadium.
Being Why too high.

Frankly The CFL dose not Need Ottawa.
It become a Hockey town Not worth our Effort to Bring Football to it..

Why Waist Time Giving you Team
when Ottawa Fans Will Not Support it.

I'm very sorry this didnt work out. I would like very much to se CFL football in Ottawa on a long term basis. As a long time Cat fan, I remember fondly the great rivalry we had with the Riders in the 60s, with Russ Jackson and Whit Tucker and others. They were a great team, and it was a storied franchise.

I dont "blame" anyone for this. The city wants the best use and most taxes out of valuable downtown land. I'm sure they are well aware of the "indirect" revenues generated by sports teams. They're probably more aware of that, and of the alternative opportunities for using the land, than we are on this site of the priorities the city has for social programs and other services in Ottawa, and their budget constraints. Their call.

The business proponents want a club they can run successfully, with a hope of making a profit. No one has managed that in Ottawa in 30 years. If the Palmer group don't feel they can do so now, I don't expect them to forge ahead regardless. It's their money after all.

The fans want a team to cheer for. Unfortunately, there dont seem to be enough of them on a consistent basis to keep a team going. The Riders didnt make it, neither did the Renegades, the Lynx are weak, and the Senators are fine, but that's only one team out of several. It isnt' the fans' fault that there aren't more of them. Those who are interested would follow and support a team. If that's not enough, then it looks like it can't be done.

I hope it works out some day.

Why are you blaming the CFL
The is a franchise fee to join and that is all there is too it.

Palmer wants a free ride(well maybe just reduced) and I dont see any reason to give him one.

Any of you who blame the league have a simple solution.
Cough of the 6 mil and start your own!

THEY JUST PAID A FRANCHISE FEE 5 years ago! Now they want ANOTHER franchise fee? 2 in 5 years? This team was 'suspended', not folded. It is pure greed by the remaining owners. Typical CFL. Short sighted, never thinking of the long term health of the league.

The CFL Has Make Sure The Owner can Pay The Bills.
With Franchise Fee and Retainer ..
These Fees Will make Sure They Are Committed to a Team in Ottawa .

We don't need it Folding for the 3rd Time.
It just Proves That Ottawa Really Dose want a Team.
If you don't like just Don't Apply.

CFL Will be Fine Without Ottawa Next Stop Halifax.

Hang on a second. The CFL SHOULD want and get another franchise fee. The team hasn't had an owner since 2005. With a new owner coming in, you have to TREAT it like an expansion team, because for all intents and purposes that is what it would have been. And the new franchise fee wasn't for reasons of short-term greed. It was to ensure the owners wouldn't bail on the franchise, and that they were fully committed. If you pay that much for something, you want to get the most out of it. The "new" franchise fee was ENTIRELY for the long term health of the league, and the team in Ottawa.

As for bailing on the CFL completely because of this, I don't fully understand why. Especially since the CFL has been trying anything and everything to get a team to work in Ottawa. But, I guess I've never gone through the pain of losing a team, twice.
Still, if you want to blame anyone, blame the city ... they won't let go of the stadium. Maybe you should move away?

No, the franchise fee is a cash grab.

If they want to ensure the stability of the team (a reasonable thing to do), they should ask for a $6m deposit. If the team is financially stable (breaking even) in five years, start returning that money because the owners won't have any reason to abandon a stable business. If the owners bail early, you keep the money and use it to tide the team over until it can be either sold, or wound down.

Asking for $6m up front simply makes it harder to make the economics work. Look at it this way: lets say Palmer wants to break even on the team in ten years. With no fee and a $6m bond, he has to bear startup costs, a few losing seasons with poor attendance while he wins back the fans, and so on. Eventually if he does win back the fans he can turn a profit on a per season basis, and make back those starting costs. He gets his $6m back, and breaks even in 10 years. Not a bad business.

Now do it if he gives the league $6m. Not only does he have to make enough money to make back the startup costs and those first few seasons worth of losses, he has to make back $6m more as well.

Not every team in the league right now makes $6m over a ten year period, and those are established teams! Asking a new owner to just eat those costs is a recipie to ensure that nobody wil put a team in Ottawa.

Part of that 6M is a deposit.

If Frank Claire didn't have the highest yearly Rent or Stadium fee in the league perhaps ottawa would still be around.

what teams don't make money? Only the Riders because their a non-profit team.

Oh right Winnipeg, well the reason Winnipeg got in that situation was from bailing out Teams that FAILED! like Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto. When their owners walked the other teams had to bail them out.

Last year every CFL team made money, and in 2008 Every CFL team will make more due to an around doubling in $$ from TSN(apparently 16M from 8M)

It's not even like the CFL is turning it's back on Ottawa, apparently there are other possible owners just doesn't look like a team will be in place for 2008.

As for supporting the CIS well Ottawa already lost one team in 1999 from the CIS so you better show support for your remaining team.

Totally disagree with this...(unless we're not understanding each other here) The CFL should want, and get, a retainer. In case of another fiasco, to save themselves from having to do another bailout. What they should not be demanding, is a payment to simply line the current owners pockets (for the 2nd time in 5 years), which is what I understand this money was going to. (But maybe I'm wrong)

i agree, the franchise fee is a joke.

a retainer that the owners get back in 5 years is a good idea, but the ottawa renegades were suspended, not folded, so a franchise fee should not be applicable here.

Don't call it a franchise fee then, call it a purchasing price.

Currently the team is owned by the CFL, so it is the purchase Price of the Suspended team.

Purchase Price + stadium costs(upgrades/lease) = Cost of a CFL franchise(around 12M)

Part of it should be(if it isn't already) be a deposit to be returned in say 5 years. but the other CFL teams need something.


the issue is not the franchise fee, it is the city of Ottawa(as in Municipal gov) and the entire Stadium issue that killed this deal.

If Frank Claire Stadium could be used for only 1-1.5M a year instead of the 2.5-3M+ the city was likely asking the team is profitable.

The difference is 1-3M$ which is alot for a yearly cost especially when you don't even get full control of your facility.

Wouldnt it be nice if someone, anyone, either from the league, Palmer’s group, or the City, would let the fans know what exactly is happening here?? Then we can stop all this speculation and know the facts.

It would be. Unfortunately the CFL's policy on this the entire time has been dead silence. Don't expect that to change until they've alienated every one of us Ottawa fans that are still paying attention.

Allow me to give my perspective. I have an opinion that apparently several Ottawa fans do not share, but hear me out, I do think my opinion is an informed one.

I have been a CFL fan since the late 1950s. My team is Montreal. Like Ottawa, we have had our share of idiotic owners; like Ottawa we had a name change (Concordes); and, like Ottawa, my team folded and disappeared for a few years. So I know whereof I speak.

I am a CFL fan first and foremost; an Als' fan second. I did not abandon the CFL when the Als folded. I enjoy watching CFL football whenever I can, and regardless of the teams involved. I watch all the playoff games and the Grey Cup every year, and I do so REGARDLESS of whether the Als are in those games or not.

Those Ottawa "fans" who say they are abandoning the CFL because they have no team in Ottawa, nor a likelihood of having a team in the near future are choking on sour grapes and that is unbecoming a true CFL fan.

"I'll stop watching CFL and watch NFL, or NFL-E, or AFL".........give your heads a shake, I have news for you....Ottawa doesn't have a team in those leagues either!

A true CFL fan in Ottawa, while understandably upset, and I truly sympathize with you there (remember, I've been there and done that), would still watch CFL football for the entertainment value, maybe pick another team to cheer for (as I did for Hamilton while the Als were in hiatus, Hamilton being my city of birth), and hope for a return of the CFL to Ottawa. That's what I did, and guess what gang, I survived.

So that's my two cents' worth.