There are a lot of things wrong with tonight's loss, but the NAIL in this coffin was coach Burkes decision to put Cauchy Muamba in COLD and INJURED in overtime! UNREAL!

Goodbye Burke - that was the worst coaching decision I have ever seen other than last years "last minute" decision YOU MADE at the Banjo Bowl!

....I've seen enough of Burke.....He just isn't a head coach and his decisions are embarrassing....Have to agree...I think Tim is done... :thdn: :thdn:

Loved the decision to kneel on the ball with the game tied......crowd seemed to enjoy that one as well. Tough to be a Bomber fan these last couple of decades.

Agree - that just proved that Burke believed Goltz would turn the ball over given an opportunity! Absolutely no confidence in his players! Sure - Goltz has not been very good, but this type of lack of confidence certainly isn't going to help matters!

I enjoyed the game entertainment for Burke, Papazoola's got it right...ect.

This post game show was Awesome ! All that was missing is Kubie kid :lol:

I have been saying for quite some time as an Argo outsider, Burke is way over his head as a HC and Lapo should never have been fired.

Taking the knee to go to OT puzzled me; had Winnipeg been down by 1pt. with 20 or so seconds to go they would have done all they could to get into FG range. To go on Defense instead of Offense in OT was not a good choice either IMO.

Don't have a problem with choosing to go on defense first, in fact it's what most teams would do if given the option. It's not sudden death like the NFL so it's actually an advantage to know what you need to do, unfortunately, the linebackers were out to lunch and our friend Cauchy reared his ugly head once again.

Thanks for the tip; I really didn't take note of teams going on Defense first in OT.

Burke is over his head but Lapo wasn't a good HC either. He just looks a lot better now because Burke has been so crappy.

Agreed. That year we lost all those close games, several were clearly on Lapo for hispoor decision-making. Next year, the team roared out of the gate (emotional reaction to Coach Harris' passing?), faltered at mid-year, backed into the GC when Kevin Glenn laid an egg in the EDF, and started poorly the following year. Except for that run of 7-8 games, Lapo's record was pretty poor.

I'm not nostalgic for Berry either, just ask Als fans how he's doing now. Of course, I date back to Bud Grant. :wink: But obviously an upgrade at HC is at least as important as at QB. We can only hope the GM situation has already improved over Mack and Taman.

.....You are absolutely correct Blue Blood, Lapo was crappo....He ran a loose ship resembling a vacation spot...None of the players respected his offence or his in-game decisions....Burke has been worse....Unimaginable but he seems to have accomplished it....Burke has the temperament of Bud Grant....Kind of easy going but with one big difference....Bud Grant was a deep thinker and made sound decisions...Even in the year we won 1 game he was still on top of everything and at the end of it said it was just a temporary set-back....Next year we were in the Cup....Maybe Tim can be as competent....I don't know ...Right now he looks like he's way over his head and not capable....Quitting in a game is a big no-no....Throwing players under the bus to cover your incompetence is worse....Grant would never have stooped to that crap and always praised his players to the media....Behind closed doors it might have been different but that's where it stayed...I think Burke would be gone by now if it wasn't for the fact we're not in a position to replace him, with someone we feel is more capable....It will be different at years end....Till then ...message to Tim were a very good D co-ordinator...but you sure are one lousy head coach...Cue up the next one :roll:


At what point does the responsability fall on the players to improve and perform ?

Nobody is not blaming the players. But it's not on the players when you decide to take a knee instead of trying to win the game.

It's not on the players when the schemes, adjustments, and play calling are poor.

It's not on the players when the most important position on the field (QB) doesn't have a proper position coach.

.....At what point does the responsibility fall on the players????It's always on the players BUT it's also up to competent coaching decisions and that is paramount...It's sure as hell ain't the players fault or responsibility if the captain of your ship steers the bloody thing into the rocks...AND then starts throwing crew overboard and waving the white flag.... :lol: ... My feeling is Burke is head coaching his last games :wink:

On his weekly show he explained he was in a no win situation. I kind of agree with that. He chose to take the draw and go to overtime based on his position on the field. He chose a conservative approach but it was hardly CRAZY.

It was both crazy and stupid. You have a chance to win before regulation and you quit…in front of fans who are sick of a total lack of excitement, and plenty of losing, no less. Burke will be gone a nanosecond after the last game of the season, and that decision in particular will be the reason.

....Cripes....we had time for at least 2 plays before Burke told our guys to lay down....That was bull$hit and you know it....Try a couple of hail marys...quick kick the thing...who knows you might come up with the ball and get a shot at a field goal...Nobody will ever convince me there wasn't options...There always is when there's still time on the clock...Putrid example to set for our guys... We lost all momentum after that chicken shat play :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: Get that bum outta here...He's not a head coach...Here's another example of his calls for our offence this weekend...He's putting in Knapp for ni Pencer.(who incidentally feels like crap now and should be learning the position on the o line) And he's inserting an American who has never played the position before...also not to mention friggin around with the ratio...Tim just keeps on amazing me with his brilliance :lol: :lol: :thdn: