Just a quick note.
You deserve this rider fans.
I told you.
Your team sucks.
Your not a contender.
You guys will never win the cup again.
I love this as much as GREY CUP!!!
I'm not going to return.Just wanted to tell it like I see it.
Once again rider fans.I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!
I hope this is a kick in the pants for madmaxine and detor.THis loss id for you.
Congrats to all the ALS!!!

lol wow, your number 1(insert sarcasm here)

......don't feed the trolls.....

I'm shocked this post hasn't been locked yet!!!!!

Will you congratulate the Al's if they beat Toronto too?? :wink:

Yep I said congrats to every team this year that beat my Argos.Even when the riders did.

Yep I said congrats to every team this year that beat my Argos.Even when the riders did.

Sorry the wine is kicking in.I didn't mean to respond 2 times.
I love it.In your face rider fans.

Hhhhhhmmmmmm..thought she said she wasn't coming back :?

With the amount of flip flopping that she does, you'd wonder if saskargo is affiliated with the federal Liberals.

hmmmmmmmmm I thought she was pregnant?????..............just what we need another alchol fetal syndrome kid running around.............drinking wine when pregnant........................I always new Saskargo was a little on the slow side.................but wake up!!!!!!!!!

Martin for Prime Minister

.....Tee Martin?????

Rowan and Martin?
Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis?
Sherry Lewis and Lambchop
Lamb chop and applesauce
mmmmmmmm Applesauce

...or maybe Martin St. Louis?

why , are you hungry? :lol: :smiley:

The EAST FINAL , will be great and close........

Can the ARGOS , finally have a great game after a long lay off?

or will ............. MONTREAL have their revenge , with........Third And Ten , at field level , in TORONTO?

No, not hungry.

I wonder if the Riders will actually do something to improve their team in the off-season this time?

Or are they still confident that this team is destined for greatness if they just "keep them together"?

The GM and coach maybe confident... but speaking as a fan we sure the hell are not