Good win Toronto vs Bombers

It's about time. Let's hope the East is a little more competitive this year.

Good to see Buck had a good game. Over 100 yrs rushing.

Wow, wasn't expecting this, Argos aren't as bas as I thought they were just maybe. :? :o

Who said the Argos were going to be push overs ?

Pretty impressive and full marks for the victory.

was beginning to wonder if anyone else even knew there was a game on tonight

Lots of good play by the argos, but also some of the worst "attempts" at tackling I have ever seen. sheesh, what were they thinking

Yup, Bummers weren't all there tonight for sure.

ruined my proline ticket already...

but a good competitive game made up for it.
the turning point was serna's missed FG that woulda put the bombers up by 6 instead of down by 4.
when will the bombers get a kicker who is money in the bank?

good to see the argos are not gonna be push overs this year, as im going to see them wednesday then again in montreal on the 29th.

lemon looked so much better in only 1 weeks time...maybe he wont be the dud we all thought he'd be?

Yes a good and most definitely unexpected win for the Argos.
Although better then last week Lemon still passed for less than 200 yards?
He is getting better but will have to stretch the defense with more mid to long range balls.

Toronto D needs to learn how to tackle. Seriously. But give Lemon, Barker, Boyd, and the rest of the O full value for scratching and clawing their way into a tough game in a hostile environment. Boyd looks like an old-school power back with a low center of gravity. He was an absolute load tonight, dragging the pile past the yardsticks for a first down on more than one occasion.

argotom, thats more of a reflection of his poor many dropped passes tonite.

but hey, argotom wont be happy unless its bishop behind

Good for the Argos. A very entertaining game.
Cheers :rockin:

Hey DG, did someone say my man Bish is coming back?
Lemon is getting better, he has to use his legs more and run out of the pocket just like pierce did tonight and for over 100 yards.
Not sour grapes though, Pierce should have been in the Argo lineup if Barker was not so stubborn.

Great win for the Argos, Lemon played great, didn't make too many mistakes. Boyd ran the ball well. Especially that 2 and 3 in the 2nd quarter, talk about a power back. But the game ball goes to the special teams. They were the difference and came through big time.

Congrats Barker!


Wooooooooooooooooo, AAARRRRGGGOOOOOSSS!!!

Agreed, we still suck at tackling.

Jeff Webb is useless, lets get Chad Lucas back in there.

I don't think Sammy Joseph is very good.

Solid game by Lemon, hopefully we keep seeing improvement.

Way to go, O-Line and D-line! We missed ya, Belli!

Chad Owens, Holy Smokes!

Keep it up, Double blue!

Owens is the real deal.

I would rather have less than 200 yards and no pics, than bishs usually 300 yards and 3 ints.

I agree with you on that one, he looked great. Chad Owens game ball :slight_smile:

winnipeg has now allowed 3 of the leagues 4 TD returns...2 missed FG and a kickoff...

im sorry but i think its more than just owens, winnipegs special teams tackleing was putrid :thdn:

gratz argos on the win, i guess Buck can't do it all by himself... :roll:

Agreed. Lemon managed the game extremely well tonight. You don't need gaudy numbers to get the W (although it usually helps). Ironically, the Argos D, which I thought would be their strength this year, let them down. I thought their tackling was atrocious. The multiple catch and runs by the Bombers really padded Pierce's numbers.

Fortunately - improving tackling is one of the easiest corrections for a coach to make at this level - and all too common in the first few games.