good win but i wish they'd retire the black uniforms

i thought that was a great win but they need those black uniforms like we need a hole in the head.why dont they just stick to the red white and much nicer

I agree, I never liked the black ones

Are they black...they look like a dirty charcoal with foil sleeves to me. Uglyest jerseys in football today

I don't mind them as much as y'all do, but yes, they're easily our ugliest jerseys. I'll take our trad colours anyday.

I definitely think the black unis are cursed. I can't remember the last time I saw the team win in those before Friday's tilt. Don't mind the look so much, just don't want the bad luck to rub off on me if I bought one!

Yeah Jack not to mention those foil sleeves would make you a big hit with your friends

[url=] ... uest_l.jpg[/url] :)

My favourite uniform was the one from 1960 to 1969. Helmet had 2 wings starting from the front. Home uniform was all white with red trim, riad uniform had white pants, red sweater.

I'm thinking Bob's spent his money in players, coach's and severence pays this year :slight_smile:.

I too liked the 60's uniforms best but White is a nightmare and the als are defined by the Levy era and colour television.

Oh me too; when I was young boy in the late 50s, it was those winged helmets that started me on the path to being an Alouette fan despite growing up in Hamilton.

Well, those helmets plus a few guys named Etcheverry, Patterson, Dixon and Clark.

I hate the black jerseys ever since it came out (even the black Puma one they had years ago)

Who’s the idiot from the RBK or Als office who taught of that one ??

We are not the Detroit Lions…damn cookie cutter...everyone has the same jersey’s....just change the colors...

When it’s + 35 with humidex, don’t have the player wear black jersey’s...(banging head)..

Do you wear a black parka when you go run 10KM and it's 35+ outside ? I don't !

The best 3rd jersey they had was the one they wore in 2005 season & at the Grey Cup that year, the blue one ! They only wore it 1 or twice since, Als must think it has a Grey Cup jinx on it.. :frowning:

Heck, the CFL & RBK are going retro this year...why not have the “retro? 3rd jersey from the 70’s era...the blue jersey just like the Grey Cup in 1977 ?

I hate those black jersey’s !