Good win and great comeback Riders

I have to say the Riders have proven critics wrong and have turn things around from the looks of it on TSN after trailing 11-8 in the half and ended the game with a 32-24 win i guess you can say sky is the limit from you guys. My hat is off to you for a exciting and interesting game.

Easily the most exciting game of the season so far!

To all rider fans on the section of this board don't give up easily if your team gel they will do what is needed to be done.

We deserved this win
what a confidence builder for our guys

nice win! Would be nice if the offense could start connecting in the first, not fourth quarter!

it wasn't enough to just score one touchdown in the last minute and a half, they had to get two. that was so rad. kj is going to be good, he seems alot more settled than he was in week 1. i am pumped on what this team might be capable of because i do think that bc is one of the better teams in the league.

That was a good fight for the Riders. The defense kept 'em in it. It doesn't need to be pretty, but just win baby.

Good win for you guys! This is what I was expecting for your defense last week.

I really thought your defense played tough and were the factor in the Rider win.

d kept us in the game,all game.offence did enough to win.they do look better every week + they get a bye so they can practice some more.i cant wait to play calgary.