Good Vanier Cup Tickets???

So the Grey Cup Organizing Committee in its infinite wisdom decided to include Vanier Cup Tickets with the 200 and 100 level seats. Great marketing but I know there are some people that won't be attending Friday Night's Vanier Cup, due to the concert series etc. (On a side note CIS Football is great and if you can make it you'll probably love it.)

However, I am up in the 500 deck for the Grey Cup, and I sure would like to find some 200 level tickets for Vanier.

I'm sure I'm not alone...the organizing committee would be smart to have some type of ticket exchange booth for those looking for better Vanier Seats and people willing to part with theirs...maybe at the Convention Centre...just a thought

Oskee Wee Wee!

I'm not sure. But I think it would be smart of the organizers to just make some of the seating reserved and then have most of it rush seating. They won't be getting tonnes of people for this even though it was included. I'll be there though. Even though my Huskies lost already. O well it was a rebuilding year

I dont understand why canadian dont like college level football to be honest without college football there would be no cfl it would shock me if there were under 50,000 people at the national championship of canadian college football your pairing it with the grey cup.......if yall dont support the kids it will shock me....the college game will give you more bang for the buck.......

I don't understand why you don't like punctuation.

Don't hate on him. He's proud to be 'country'.

He wasn't hating on him...he was hating on his lack of punctuation...:lol:

sandusky, why don't Canadians really support college football in this country? Good question. Part of it has to do with hockey taking up so much of a lot of people's minds here and it is really only hockey where Canada produces a large number of players able to make it to the elite level. So football and all other sports here get shortchanged unlike in the US where there is more parity at least among football, baseball and basketball. Also, Canada doesn't have the level of sporting consciousness, if you will, like the US does for a number of reasons.

That being said, I think it is a minor miracle that a professional sports league in Canada has survived this long and even more of a miracle it isn't a hockey league. It is strange but also very, very nice, at least a lot of us think so anyways. This confuses some of our sports writers here you can't figure out what all the fuss is about the historic Grey Cup and what it means to a lot of us in this country. They don't get it.

Oh, and I'm planning on going to the Vanier Cup, I've been to a few of last few ones and it's a great Canadian amateur championship.

Good question. As Earl stated, Hockey is the Number 1 sport in the country. In the USA, College / High School football in an event, not a sport. When I lived in the Lower Mainland, I was ALWAYS impressed when I would go across the border and see 5,000 fans in Blaine Washington or Lynden Washington. There would be posters “Hyping” the game in supermarkets and gas stations. Parents, friends, business owners would wear the coulours of their home town team.

We only have a small number of fans that have that same sort of passion. Sadly, hockey have more passionate fans than football in the “Bigger” cities.

Trust me sandusky, I wish we had more fans for college like you do down south!

I'm not hating on anything, or trying to disrespect, but CIS football, has to be the worst Football to watch.

I find it real boring. I catch the occasional Carabins de Montreal games on RDS, and I just can't watch an entire quarter.

Here's the problem with CIS football.
Our best young football players don't play in it.

Its for student athletes. Who have to have a high average to get into the school, and who have to attend classes and write exams and pass courses.

The CIS isn't about developing football players, like it is in the USA. Its about educating students.

I say the CFL should setup a minor league football system, similar to the CHL, where football players can go to play football.
Because universities should be for students.

I think that has WAY more to do with the production value than the value of football played. I love watching CIS football live, but unless its my team playing I wouldn't watch it on TV mostly because the announcers are idiots, and I don't know any of the players.

Lets be honest it is hard to watch anything that you don't follow. I like watching soccer, but if its some random game I won't watch it. But when I get into it and start following a tourney or something then its exiting. It all comes back to Media. If the Media would cover it more, it would be a lot easier to follow. It is hard to find scores on TV let alone a game.

If the CIS is so bad, why does the CFL have quite a few players in the league from it? Couldn't they just have NCAA Canadians or maybe there are not enough of them.

I find it curious that if the CIS is so bad as some say it is, why these same people would even take the time of day to watch the CFL where some of these CIS grads play? Maybe someone who thinks the CIS is crap but who loves the CFL can explain this to me.

Why can't Canadians just enjoy what we have instead of finding some lame Canuck excuse why this or that is Canadian crap? Drives me nuts.

man i watched a cis game on cable a few weeks ago these kids were playing hard i dont know cis rules but the crowd was very small and i didnt see any bands playing i noticed that in toronto they carry more ncaa and nfl news than cis or cfl thats shocking to me to be honest

sandusky, they carry more NCAA and NFL news because there is more of it to carry in the first place and it's all created for whomever in this country. Whereas with CIS and CFL, anything Canadian, we have to create it ourselves, the stories, which takes work, time and money. Easier to just latch onto American generated news which is far more readily available at the push of a button, an easy sell also since it has the American tag on it. That's why there is Canadian content laws in this country otherwise we wouldn't even have as much Canadian news and productions than we have now. Some people here agree with these laws, others don't.

Canada has no sports scholarships and very few if any private schools so I wonder if this doesn't have something to do with public perception of amateur/collegiate football/sports.

I have actually been to the Vanier Cup and many other Canuck University games and I have to say that most people don't know what they're missing. The quality of the play was much higher than people apparently think.

The Cup game I saw was in old Varsity Stadium and even though it was FREEZING I had a blast. It was a great game (the Gryphons beat the Mounties 22-13).

I agree rp. I guess part of the problem though is perception that CIS is not good enough to watch since it doesn't have the big stadiums and TV coverage and scholarships etc. Even though it is decent in it's own right to watch.

What I find funny is that people who say CIS isn't worth watching, and then if their kid makes it at CIS, of course the parents go and cheer and are proud and say "look at my kid, he is playing university ball." Ah boy, only in Canada.

Actually Schools have been giving out athletic scholorships for a number of years now. at least 5.

how can you guys watch a canadian draft if you guys dont follow the cis?so yall didnt know who chris bauman was until draft day?man i know cis guys because they show up on draft boards for the cis schools have marching bands?

They all have indoor plumbing!