Good Trade Bad Trade

I guess no one will know how this trad comes out. But giving up two draft choices and getting one back. Swapping of two rookie Canadian Lineman for Henri Childs. Good or bad and for which team. Opinions!

The Riders required a running back did they get aguy that is good enough. In my opinion he will be good enough for an Austin offense (no running back required). In fairness to Henri he has not played enough to really establish himself.
The swap for olineman well to rookies who wins on this swap? At this time both are rookies. Now the draft choices two for one and the Als get a first rounder to boot. The Als win this one. Bring back Shivers oops did I say that? :slight_smile:

Please no verbal diahera required.

ET schat the bed on this one. He gave up far too much for a guy they bypassed in the draft and another who was a fa this off season. But, if Childs can become a bona fide starting running back then maybe all is forgiven ?

Running backs are a dime a dozen, and for a guy who says he is all about building through the draft and Canadians, and who lamented endlessly about not having a first rounder this year....

On paper, we got hosed.
If either player we picked up becomes a starter, great, but until then....

Good thing we dont play the games on paper. The first round pick was given up after Chris Best was signed. Acquiring Childs means that were will be some competition at RB with Bracey and Dorsey. Losing a 1st Rd pick in the CFL isnt as bad as one might think , considering if you have a pick at # 10 or 12 in the second round, you are still going to get a decent player.

We don’t play the games on paper, but when dealing with unproven talent, that is about all you have to discuss…
Giving up a 1st rounder to get an o-lineman AFTER Best was signed makes the deal that much more suspect. Even ET is stating the guy is a prospect for after O’day is done, which could be 5 years from now…
I agree we needed at least one more RB at camp, but surely out of the 12,000 or so graduating football players this year, there must have been one back we could have signed without making this trade.
And considering we got a 3rd round pick from this years draft, and a third rounder in next years, it is hardly relevent whether a second round pick is still a decent player.
Fact is, 3rd rounders are a crap shoot.
It is the difference between getting a Patrick Thibeault, or getting a Fantuz.

Ha the Shivers love song starts again! But I agree there Arius. Tillman seems desperate in goiing inot TC with what he had and there are lots of RB looking for a chance to play. What about A Warren? He would cost nothing to go TC. The cracks of Tillam are starting to form. If he is great at getting players this was a good test.

But Sambo it depends where your team ends up at the end of the season. I agree with Arius this was plain dumb considering RB's can be found with out cost to the team. Next draft we will revisit how you feel.

What about A Warren?
If ET brought in Antonio Warren, I think I'd spit... How do you spell washed up?

Well at least he would not cost you anything right. So how come Tillman has not brought in a guy he would be happy with. He must not have faith in the guys coming into camp already to make such a trade right. :roll:

On the home page of this site there is a poll that asks who will benefit most from this trade-- around 69% said that the Riders will benefit most. We get a future Olineman(Jones) to go along with another one(Best), and we get someone who has the potential to help us now (Childs), so by all means fire Tillman now… :roll: :roll:

I would rather have kept the picks, although the Riders do have a pretty big need for a RB, it was basicly a first round pick + Karhut for Childs and Jones.

the 2008 first round pick sounds like it would have been better to Keep.

Although if RB's are a Dime a Dozen then how come no back has ran for over 1.8K yards(rushing) except for Pringle?
HAM and TO didn't even have a 600 yard rusher, only CAL and WPG had over 1.2K yard rushers.

There are alot of backs that can run for say 900 yards(50 yards per game) but finding a good back who can get past 100 yards in atleast 8 games is hard, and that is what Childs is looked at.

Also Childs is a good receiver which is what Austin seems to want for his Back as it will be pass happy.

I think I'd go with Popp because he picked up the first rounder, has the third best back in the league although does need to get younger on the OL.

henri childs was originally from the gades, tillman might know him a little better then the rest of us

Nothing like a nice scientific poll to....oh, I'm sorry...this is an internet poll.
Again, I fail to see why signing Best makes this trade better?
I think we will have around 15 lineman in camp.
I am sure that trading a 1st round pick to get to 16 makes sense....and if neither of these guys start, and I have my doubts, then it will be a lousy deal.
But even if Childs starts, it was expensive.
Just like trading away a 1st rounder last year in the KJ deal was expensive.

A poll is a poll,and the results are interesting, internet or not... Im not sure I agree it was expensive.. draft picks, no matter where they are made are crap shoots.. I will use this analogy.. remember the Canadiens had the first round pick in the 1980 draft? Who did they pick? They went with a highly touted player, who turned out to be a bust for them-- Doug Wickenheiser. The Blackhawks meanwhile took a player that the Habs should have taken- Denis Savard.
The Riders have two players that are future starters, no matter how many olineman that will be in camp. The thing they really need is a future starting QB- and they wont find that in the Canadian college draft. They can look at drafting other Canadian talent other than Olineman as well, maybe a good fullback , a Dlineman or another receiver. The point is not all 1st rounders are going to be can't miss guys.

It's not so much the rational behind the trade that I would second guess but the method ET used to get to the same position. Childs was a fa, why didn't he just sign him ? And why didn't he take the kid in the draft ?

Now that is something that Tillman needs to explain. This discussion wouldnt be taking place had ET chosen the less difficult route, and then we would still have our first round pick.

You are right.
Not all 1st round picks will make it.
Of course the reverse of that is true as well. It is conceivable that both Childs and Jones will be TC cuts. The point is, what gives you the best chance to find talent?
Doug Wickenheiser actually turned into a better than average hockey player. If he had not blown out his knee, he would have had a pretty good career.
Then again, the 1971 1st overall pick of the Habs did okay....
And most high picks do well.
But with the Canadian draft, the talent pool is so small, it really gets thin by the third round. And yet here we are trading a 1st rounder for a 3rd rounder. And again, even ET says he is penciled in to start in 2-3 years at the earliest.
and you think we might need to draft a d-lineman or a fullback. I think we could use another linebacker. All more serious needs than another o-lineman....and yet here we are. No linebacker in the first round next year...
For that matter, we could have drafted an o-lineman in the first round next year, and, potentially, got a better player than the one we just traded for.
To get a little more perspective, I don't think we gave up this much for Wayne Smith, and he is a somewhat proven commodity that I believe, ET/Austin have pencilled in to start for us this year....
Anyway, bottom more whining from ET next year when he doesn't have a first rounder.....

Well ET does claim he tried to sign Childs, but as a FA, he choose to sign with Montreal.
Why?Who knows?
And ET also claims he considered drafting Jones rather than McKoy. Here I really question ET's spin.
If you listen to him, we got THE best player in the draft, but now in justifying this trade he says he considered taking Jones instead, which is interesting as he was only the 5th o-lineman drafted.
And he says the same thing about the linebacker we took immediately after Jones...
Obviously, ET is a much keener judge of talent than all the other GMs in the league.....gee, I just convinced myself that we clearly robbed Montreal blind in this deal.....


Out the dark glasses on and the white cane.

Is it not funny that Henri Childs was not a commodity (expendable) in both Winnipeg and Montreal!