Good Things So Far

I realize that it is only three games into the season and that we haven't won any of them but can't we instead of complaining about all the bad things can't we see some of the good things about this season so far?

Apart from a few drops I am really excited about our young recievers. Shawn Gore and Akeem Foster are doing really well and it will be nice to watch Geroy break Milts recieving record hopefully. Also Andrew Harris is a really exciting player and it's also nice he is from the province of BC.

The best thing so far is that Jacque is on the hot seat and unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat he is gone.

A Youtube video showing the good things about the BC Lions so far this season.

I like the looks of Collins. he looks like he could be dangerous. I hate to say it but Jamel Robertson and Geroy are the ones that worry me.

Cool video; as for the next game at Empire Field...........
B.C. Lions - 25
Hamilton - 20

who knows eh. that's what makes it fun. should be another good matchup. You keep thinking that if the Lions can get more than 15 yards in the first half maybe they'll hold up their end of the deal. three straight games like that for us - wow. we're special.