Good Thing the Oilers are Terrible

because there was no one at Commonwealth tonight... Was there even 20k there tonight?

Can you blame them ?


if they would be there when their team is winning, then they should still be there.

fair weather fans are dipsticks.

Living in the lower mainland, you would qualify as an expert.


pretty darned good witch post season eligibility over. There are a few teams that would be in envy of that on a regular basis

...I started out listening to the game on radio and they said maybe 18K were in the stands at kickoff, but by the time I got home and flipped the game on (about halfway through the first quarter) there were way more than 18K in the seats...mid 20s or so...a pretty decent number given the meaninglessness of the game and the home record of the esks this year...

Agree, decent for sure considering the circumstances for the Eskies.

So are trolls. :roll:

Edmonton Eskimos are the purest form of Fans that stay away when their teams SUCK.

can’t even get 30,000 for the Stampeders.

I thought they had the Greatest fans in the league???

Eskimos who had averages of mid to high 30,000 fans a game NO MATTER WHAT!!

suddenly things go sour and they’re staying home…

now hold on… what happens if in 2014 the Eskimos make little improvement and have another pitiful season?

will their attendance drop to 22,000?

Eskimo fans have never really experienced in a long time consecutive crappy seasons…

LOL at a Rider fan throwing stones when his team had to resort to telethons in the '90s.

Nobody gets to pass judgment here, nobody is superior.

yea BUT

everyone in Edmonton said that they'll never have attendance problems. no matter what!

It may not be dropping in half as per some other teams but for the Eskimos, dropping from averaging mid 30,000's to having less than 28,000 fans is not something they WANT to see.

...everyone? I bet my Aunt Olga is vaguely familiar with a sports club called the eskimos but probably has no concept of attendance figures...

Remember CFLisbest, Riders a couple of years ago when they were out of the playoffs and had Dinwidi starting the last game at Mosaic drew 22,000 at best. I thought they had the greatest fans in ANY league according to you. When the team sucks and there is nothing to play for that's going to happen.

I will answer the Troll. I know that you are to young to remember the 60's and the Eskimos of Nice Neill Armstrong. Yes they have experienced long droughts.

Eskimo fans brag about leading the league in attendance for decades and why not. What they don't lead the league in is hating other teams and/or fans. The simple minded hate. Now I am not claiming to not be simple minded but I simple have no use for simmering hate, it must be very difficult going throught life consumed by this constant hate.

Get over it, not only does it make you look small but it does nothing for your adopted teams fans. Now get back on the bandwagon enjoy your adopted team and figure out where you will go when your hatred moves East.

Note to true Rider fans, comments made about Trolls do not apply to you. The great fans in Riderville will always outnumber the trolls. :thup: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Well said. Am hoping that the Riders make it to Calgary for the Final. Always a fun time and the vast majority of Rider fans are great. Every team has a few guys that the rest of the fans wish would take their logos off. :cowboy:

excuse me? ADOPTED team?

I cheer for the Riders. I have been cheering for the Riders since I was born. I never once stopped cheering for them, even in their worst times.

I will never stop hating the Eskimos. and I'm no F'n troll.

I love the Riders more than any Hockey team in Canada. I will always cheer for them no matter how bad they get.

Not sure why the Riders would be going to Calgary for the final when we know that it is going to be played in Regina. :rockin:
As for cflisthebest, we tried trading, and putting him on wavers. Alas he really does love the riders and no other team wants him.

I don't doubt you probably are a Riders fan, I am sure the Riders are overjoyed. But as for whether you are a troll, I don't think there as a single person on here that would agree with you. You couldn't be more of a troll is you had coloured hair sticking straight up. :cowboy:

In Internet slang, a troll (/?tro?l/, /?tr?l/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4] or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[5] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Yep, that sounds like cflisthebest. Had his picture on it as well. The purple hair was a dead give away.

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