Good thing AC wasn't in the game...

Or he might have gotten killed! Atrocious game by just about everyone, including the O line.

I hate this situation where we have nothing to gain, playing against teams who are fighting for their lives.

Having said that, if I were Trestman, these guys would be doing a lot of windsprints and crabs next practice..

Yes, the only thing that in any way saves the O line is that the defence played worse than they did. . .

To be fair to the O-line, McPherson hung on to the ball too long on a number of occasions, leading to sacks. If that's Calvillo, he probably chucks the ball into the stands or makes a completion to beat the blitz.

But I do agree that the O-line messed the bed.

Most of the sacks were a defensive player running untouched to the QB. I doubt AC could have avoided those.

Just a question here, why did they dress AC, I thought he was injured...

His presence in the lineup alone wouldve changed some of the defensive playcalling. They would not have blitzed nearly as often if it was Calvillo in the backfield because of how quickly he makes his reads. There was no way McPherson would be able to go through his reads fast enough if they bring all out blitzes over and over whereas doing that against Calvillo would lead to them getting hit for big gains on the short and intermediate routes

I believe the decision to not play AC came at the very last minute.

What really got to me was the fact that even when Winnipeg was rushing only 3 or 4, they seemed to get through with relative ease. Hate to say it, but I believe the o-line may have taken a step back since Lambert has returned.

Not always. I remember a few first-half sacks that happened because Adrian didn't recognize that pressure was imminent and held on to the ball. And as others have noted, Winnipeg was able to pin their ears back and blitz so frequently because they knew Adrian couldn't make them pay by getting the ball to his hot read. I'm not absolving the O-line at all, believe me. I just feel that they wouldn't have looked as bad if Calvillo had been in the game.

I noticed the Winnipeg'd D linemen, instead of trying to bull there way to the QB were swirling around our O linemen. I know this is regularily done throughout the league, but I had never noticed it done so much. Our guys seemed to have a hard time stopping that.

I can remember most of us wanted McPherson and Leak to have some playing time!

Exactly and this is to be expected, the other WILL allaways blitz to no end a rookie QB, McPherson took too long to adjust, and in the first Q i found our o lin ewas holding pretty darn good, giving him 6 steamboats, you cannot ask for more.