Good the Bad and the ugly

I might as well start this one.

Good, Cory Sheets, Brackinridge

Bad Def


O line, the o in general, Our kicker 2 misses 1 at 17 yards

and finally DD we will never win a Gray Cup with him at the helm, I know this will bring the DD supports in mad, but hey, he's 2 inconsitant. last 3 games showed that.

Toronto needs this win more than Saskatchewan which can benefit from losing 4 straight games to crossover to weaker division in the playoffs. Sacrifice by losing now to gain preferable positioning later. Of course, the disadvantage of consistently losing is that it might become a bad habit.

Good: As usual Cory Sheets was good, I also thought Taj Smith had one of his best games.

Bad: Hate to say it because he is one of the heart and soul of the team but Dressler dropping two key passes at critical times in the game and most of the game was un heard of.

Ugly: Offensive line sucks with the big signing of Picard and Labatte plus 1st pick of Heenan equals squat. And listening to Duane Forde announce games

no comments on the D at this time, other than I want Veikune to get more game time

Dressler has not looked good 2 weeks in a row. If they cant rely on Dressler there is serious troubles.
WAY too many drops really hurt DD for second straight is just unreal at this point...I have never seen anything like it outside of perhaps HS ball.
The Oline played bad again, but I do feel a more mobile DD would resolve this a bit.
1st from the 12 or whatever to start the 3rd...then 2nd and 6...they rely on the passing game way too often in these situations. They need to give Sheets some touches in these spots to keep the D honest. Also, for the love of god...why not call an option or something in this situation. I felt that lack of conversion sucked a lot of wind of of the team.

I sure hope Jock Sanders is back for the playoffs

I pretty much agree with everything so far. Hard to find much positive after today's game.
Did anyone else feel that the Riders seemed not very motivated today? I had to keep getting up and walking around to keep from falling asleep. A very strange game for pre-playoff times.
The officials had some catnaps too. No signal on missed FG and no call on the late helmet-to-helmet hit by Isaacs on Durant, even though he was staring right at him.
I don't want to jump on Durant, but have to agree he's been way too inconsistent.
What's happened to the D's tackling lately? They're getting worse instead of better. Early on in the season, they were swarming the ball carrier and finishing tackles. Lots of feeble efforts today.
Which Durant and Rider team will show up for the playoffs?? Will miracles happen??

Good: We had a chance to win in the end.
Bad: We didn't win.
Ugly: Field goal kicking as always. Spotting Toronto 14 points - D was disgusting.

The O-line for sure under Ugly. With no real enforcement from the CFL on head shots they gotta make sure that no one ... and I mean NO ONE gets through to DD. I would rather see holding calls against us then see DD getting up splitting up blood again. :twisted:

I'm new to the Rougrider forum, but one thought to consider is the Riders are in need of a considerable upgrade in talent of some of the defensive players?

Some inexperence, a growing need for leadership on the O line & Defence. We have some good players on the team..some who Tammy has even recruited that had not been on a Blue Bomber team. Finally some thinking outsde the box. We have dedicated coaches who work hard. Players who bust ther @$$es. Its good to see not everything is being blamed on the QB this week. There is lack of focus at times and the team doesn't gel like they did when under Kent Austin and Miller. keep in mind that only a year ago decisions had been made that could've spiraled the team to the basement for years. I am a big fan of Ritchie but I don't see the innovative defense of yester years. I wonder whether he has lost motivation after losing his HC job and now working for a young coach. There is so much parity in the league and all active players are great atheletes-the difference is often just in desire and motivation. There is an x-Factor that I believe only B.C.truly has this year (as hard as that is to admit). Montreal (the former ruler of the x-Factor) and Calgary have a bit of it. Did you notice that B.C gets stronger as a game progresses, no matter what the score? Our team has it but then they lose it, then they get it back and lose it again. If they keep it we all go all the way!

There seems to be no passion like we saw earlier in the year. A home game and those guys played hard. Riders tend to be one of the harder teams to beat at home, but not lately!

DD needs some consistent receivers beside Dressler, think Canadian Airforce. Dressler, Fantuz, Bagg and Getz. I've always been a fan of DD but I'm beginning to also think that we may never win a GC with him. As usually he telegraphs his throws, doesn't go thru his reads (focuses on one guy), no fake throws to freeze a D before the real throw, and not running with the ball. Accuracy is an issue to, with one hop throws lately. Compared to a Lulay or Ray, he just doesn't seem to be T that level and may never be. I hope I'm wrong because he is really a great community player which I respect a lot. He is giving it all for this province and really wants to play here and win. I hope he gets better receivers to support him. Sheets and Sanders have been terrific.

I think out current state reminds me of the late stages of Danny Barrett and the Shiv. Everyone was too friendly and there weren't hard decisions made. Our secondary is getting slaughtered. Eddie Russ has had a bad go lately. James Patrick is out of position and is missing tackles all over the place.

Early in the year the roster was constantly changing.................maybe they have to go back to that.

We only throw deep throws to Dressler? No wonder he is double teamed? Where are the deepp attempts to Taj, Greg Carr, Getz? We've become a little predictable?