Good test on Saturday

We were lucky the last game but I'm sure allot was learned and with a dominate win on Saturday against B.C. we will be on our way to another bid for the Cup...Cheers

I think BC are ripe for the picking especially with Lulay and Andrew Harris out.

Just noticed that the Ticats are now in FOURTH place in the power rankings AHEAD of BC :smiley: :rockin: :thup:
(I know they don't necessarily mean much) . A win IS possible. They came close to beating BC earlier this season in Vancouver in spite of some VERY questionable officiating that flattered BC. They have beaten them in 2 out of their last three meetings in Hamilton (exception being 2012).

BC does have a tough defense which Zach has not yet faced but I think after last week's less-than-stellar offensive outing he and the receivers will be spoiling to have a better showing. The D will no doubt be remembering KG's last performance against them which earned him OPotW acknowledgement, and will be sure to continue their stellar "defensive dominance". Of course there is the advantage of playing on their own field with their loud,loyal fans and keeping the winning streak at THF alive!

Yes yes! Dan LeFevour et al. back in august did put up 28 pts in BC Place stadium in our loss vs these lions. Can ZC et al, replicate or improve on that performance, I am confident they can! :thup: I agree with you in the feeling our Defense will have a large influence on the outcome of this game plus we'll have another ~1900 fans in the club section making noise to help our D out!!

Yes, but they are also ranked fourth BEHIND Saskatchewan at third. Saskatchewan, the team that has no QB and as a result scored all of zero points last time out. Go figure.

How much of the power rankings is based on computer generated models? Based on Winning streaks, wins losses, pts for/against etc.???

I dunno.

Just that it seems to me if a team scores precisely zero points and has no QB, no way they would be ranked third.

Of course if the power rankings were done not by some computer programme, but by fan votes, then Saskatchewan would no doubt be in first place.

Exactly. It often takes more than one or two wins/losses depending on how other teams fare, to move up or down. I suspected that the Ticats would be the first eastern team to break into the top five which has been owned (for good reason) by western teams this season, but was a bit surprised to see them jump from 6th to fourth place especially since I believe QB rating is part of the calculation and Zach didn't have his best performance of the season. in the end all that really matters is the number in the "W" column!

That is true, he didn’t.

But his performance was light years’ better than Sunseri and Doege.

Projected showers, high of 11 and winds from the west at 35 for Saturday's game. That to me means swirling winds at both goal posts but more prevalent at the south end. But, this is wx prediction on Tuesday for Saturday and it comes as Toronto fans predict the Stanley Cup for the Makebelieves.

What is "wx prediction" mean? I prefer the nickname of MakeMeLaughs. That makes it 47 years in a row! :lol:

Wx prediction: Weather prediction

Do have to consider the green's W/L record though and in spite of a couple of poor performances since DD went down they are still in 2nd place in the west and have a winning record which the Ticats (not to mention the rest of the eastern teams) do not! That's why the east teams have been languishing in spots 5-9 all season with the OttRBs "stubbornly" holding down #9! :wink:

Lucky? really?

For all it's worth, last year Zach was 21-25 for 253 and 3 TDs in a blowout win against BC - and that was while wearing a blew jersey.

Let's keep in mind that the west's success against the east was during a time when Hamilton did not have their starter, the oline was substituting and our injury list was quite large, Toronto had their share of injuries, Montreal was suffering through coaching and quarterbacking issues. Ottawa was trying to find its way as an expansion team.

Now the east is getting past their problems and the west has lost some of their 1st string quarter backs (Calgary and Sakatrchewan), and other important starters. The tables are turning.

If you're willing to give the riders a break for their injury woes, then the same consideration should be offered for our division. Especially since Saskatchewan played 6 of their first 10 games against the weakened east. Not so now, Hamilton's last 3 victories have been against the left side opponents.

We shall hope that he is able to come close at the very least against the Leos this week. :smiley: Seems to me that they don't always play well in the east (See, Montreal, week 2). Missing some key players too.

Cats have to make better use of their outstanding receivers. They didn't do so in Wpg and almost lost the game due to a very poor offensive showing. Cats have one of the 2 best receiving teams in league and are not making full use of them. Time to change the offensive strategy boys!
And if the wind is blowing this Saturday against BC, for heaven's sake, please take the 4th quarter wind advantage if we win the coin toss. We didn't do so the last two games and it could have cost us dearly if not for a bad penalty by Wpg and poor offensive display by Edm. Got lucky!!!!! A good team would have taken advantage of our poor field selection. OK yes our D did play well.

A tweet from the west coast on who may be the BC RB with Harris out:

Farhan Lalji @FarhanLaljiTSN · Tues. Sept. 30
Tim Brown doubtful for this week (groin). Stefan Logan (thigh) didnt practice & is possible. Keola Antolin expected to make #BCLions debut

Yes the wind, It was mentioned on TSN that players and fans are saying they've never experienced the wind as strong in Hamilton, in every home game so far this year. Don't know whether it's because of the new North/South facing field or if this is a coincidence or an anomoly this year, time will tell.