Good teams win the close games

It has been ages since Cats were able to take control of a game that is close. No matter what they usually let a team hang around long enough until they get beat.

Turnovers, poor tackling, and blitz packages that don't work seem to be their downfall.

Noticed often the Peggers were able to convert 2nd and long with pass routes that got them a first down. When the Cats got 2nd and long they continued to complete passes 2 to 3 yards short of the first down markers.

This team has to start to make things happen. They give up too many penalty yards and give up too many big plays.

I agree...

But this team won't be able to make things happen because it is simply a "middle of the road" team that is going to finish around .500 again for the 3rd year in a row...

We can beat the weak even up against teams that are our equal...and we'll find a way to lose against the good teams...

It's not like we don't have a two year pattern to follow...

Week 4: Hamilton 39, BC 31
Week 5: Hamilton 34, Montreal 26
Week 7: Hamilton 37, Toronto 32

Say what you want about how they won any of those games, but those are what I would call "close games" that the Cats held on to win, and that's just this year.

I guess that win against the Als earlier this year was a figment of our collective imaginations, eh?

Well said: a team has the killer instinct, or it dont. With Coach ".500" Bellefeuille, it dont.