Good teams win close games

I have to give the Cats credit. They have shown so far this year that they can make half time adjustments and have managed to pull games out in the last quarter. Porter seems to be reading defenses better and getting rid of the ball quickly. I would still like to see them push the vertical game a bit more, perhaps the heavy rains made that next to impossible tonight. The special teams have to improve as they did give up a significant number of yards on kickoffs, especially when Edmonton were slow on fielding the ball. Not really a big fan of the short high kick off technique they use on occassion. The defense improved as the game went on. Nice to see a team that is competitive. I am sure this will draw out more fans to the games.

Other teams.. blame the ref's the players the weather, the solar system... wait.. didn't people on this forum do all that last year?????

It’s amazing how quickly winning can change one’s perspective.

So far this year, this team does seem to be finding ways to win games instead of losing them. We may be getting more breaks than we did in the past, but I believe when it comes down to it, if you do all the little things right, you make your own breaks, or put yourself in a position to get those breaks, and take advantage of them.


Absolutely. That’s the biggest difference between this year and last year. The Cats lost a lot of close ones last year. Being close is not good enough. Hanging tough and winning these ones is the difference between contenders and pretenders. I think we’re officially over that hump.

Stand up and take notice CFL. The Beast of the East is back! :rockin: