Good team gets better

This is icing on the cake for Esks fans. EE have been signing players at a feverish pace this off season and I have gone on record saying that I feel they have improved thier overall depth including our Canadian talent. Jason Maas has said in the media that he welcomes the competition and welcomes Ricky back, but I am afraid that I just don’t see the 2 QB thing working this year in Edm. I am still convinced that Maas will go somewhere in the East and Jones will remain here as the #2. As long as Ray is healthy he will see little playing time. If they decide to try and make the 1 and 1A thing work, I can’t see Jones being kept here to be a #3. Any East teams out there interested in either Maas or Jones?


They could both be back-ups in Montreal… :smiley:

True enough and last I looked the Als could use a better #2

You are wrong my friend, we have no #2. We have a strater and some practice squad QBs…

However, Mass and Jones could be starters in both Hamilton and Winnipeg. But the Peg signed enough QBs already. They could also become Renegades since Joseph is so fragile.

I think that it is great…now the WEST can’t blame the EAST for any furture possible financial problems with their teams. :lol:

MOST , CFL teams have been helped finacially at one time , and those teams who helped ALWAYS got their money back. :smiley:

I agree with you that they could both start in those cities. I think they are both better than what is there now. Bombers already got rid of Jones and can’t see him back there, but he might look good as Als #2, no?